Won't heal second time around

Won’t heal second time around

Won’t heal second time around My mastectomy scar just doesn’t want to heal up - not fast enough for me anyway. Four weeks after the event and nurses still having to plug it cos of having radiotherapy to same breast eleven years ago. Although lump was humungus, 6cm, not found in nodes and CT scan clear, I know I need chemo (6mths on it, so I’m told) and I want to get started - can’t believe I actually just wrote that!

amdamc salt and water rinses have drying effect on bacteriea and will encourage healing from inside to outside [safer than outside to inside]. Being an antique if I had this prob I’d also apply Friars Balsam which, as the best district nurse I’ve ever come across always said, is wonderful stuff for healing. But as you are a modern womwn 'd suggest asking you district nurse/doc/whoever before applying FB [not obtainable at Boots anymore but can be bought from Lloyds or online.
Also advise you to eat well- fresh everything and lots of red meat, cream, Stilton, full cream dairy as these contain the biochemicals for tissue repair- wait for the cholesterol police to have hysteria!
Hope this is some help. best wishes, dilly

Maybe you could ask your bc nurse if it would be OK to try aloe vera. If so, buy a plant, cut off one of the leaves and apply the gel inside to the op site. Also, you can take aloe vera capsules which help heal from the inside. They use aloe vera for burns victims, after radiotherapy, for chronic ecsema, etc. Worth a try if you can.

Good luck! Angelfalls x