Wooohooooo just had my last chemo

Hi everyone…just wanted to say that’s the end of my 6 months of chemo…just had my last CMF this morning…3 weeks break then 3 weeks of rads…it feels sooo good…

Good luck to everyone with their treatment…I really hope chemo is as kind to you as mines has been to me…ok so it’s not a walk in the park but it really was a lot easier than I expected

Love to all you brave ladies out there …and here’s to a cancer free future for us all

Linda xxxx

Congrats to you Linda!! I’ve had my first today! 1 down 5 to go!!
love debs xxx

well done Linda - I have my last one on thursday & will be joining you!! Yahhhhhhhh, mary x

Hi Linda
Fantastic news. I start my last cycle of CMF on Friday so won’t be far behind you in celebrating.
Nicky x

Hope yours goes ok Debs…well done you too Mary…it’s such a relief isn’t it?

Good luck with your final CMF Nicky…I’ve felt a bit sick this week after mine…but should be fine by tomorrow…go for my rads planning session on Tuesday…then start on 9th July…will finish the week before my son’s wedding…it’s going to be all go I think

Take care ladies

Linda xxx

Hi Linda
My chemo was nearly defered on Friday and I was devastated but after about an hour the onc agreed to it going ahead. I’ve never been so relieved.Last dose this Friday and have to have GCSF injections over the weekend so hopefully neuts won’t drop so far this time.
I’m still waiting for my rads planning appt but should start rads on about 20th July. Hope all goes well with your planning tomorrow.
Nicky x

Yipee - last one yesterday.
Rads planning on Friday so end is in sight. Planning the end of treatment party.
Nicky x

Doesn’t it feel good to be finished Nicky? I feel 100% normal now…I had to go to the Lymphoedema clinic on Friday as my lymph node arm is swelling a bit…they measured both arms and fed the details into the computer…thankfully the computer said NO…I don’t need to wear a sleeve,just some gentle massage and exercise,don’t go back there till next February…

I had my radio planning last week…got my 3 wee tattoos which were painless…roll on the 31st of July when it’ll all hopefully be over…

Hope you don’t feel too rough just now after your chemo…

PS…How’s the hair coming along? Mine is growing quite quickly now…already had a wee trim at the back…it’s mousy brown and I can’t wait to be able to dye it for my Florida holiday in December…

Take care Nicky xx

woo hoo so chuffed for you nicky!!! mary x

Glad to hear that you’re feeling better Linda and good news about not needing the sleeve.
My hair is coming back thick and fast. It’s gone really grey but several people have commented that it’s a nice colour so I may just leave it. It’s also coming back wavy which it wasn’t before. Have decided to leave it short instead of going back to a bob as it’s much lower maintenance and to be honest I’m not sure how I’d feel with longer hair now. Down side is that I already have dandruff! T gel shampoo to the rescue I hope.
I’m feeling pretty good but still don’t have the energy to walk the dogs. My poor dad has had to take over that duty. Will be so glad to give them their hours run again without having to think about it.
Take care and good luck with the rads.
Nicky x

nicky, your hair was looking lovely when we all met up recently - was surprised at how quick it had grown! Mine is just like fur and about 1cm all over but still bald head is all you see really but getting there I think!! maryx