Words of wisdom needed please

I posted earlier today but no ones replied yet. I’m a massive worrier I always have been and my chemo starts this Friday coming and my anxiety stress etc etc is getting worse by the day. I also find myself touching and feeling my breast a lot . Almost like maybe I’ll touch it and it will be gone or the lump will be smaller. Please say I’m not the only one that thinks and does this. 

Me again, Missie. I hope you don’t mind my saying that you made me smile. I didn’t have a lump, just two small pale bumps on my nipple that weren’t there before. I kept looking in my bra, glaring at them balefully to will them away. It didn’t work but I look back and laugh now. Then it all began - from a clear mammogram in February (huh! Someone missed something very important) to two tumours and much more in September. Prodding and poking, looking and wishing aren’t going to change a thing and add to our anxiety but it’s well nigh impossible to stop it. I think I was lucky to have the surgery first, to be honest, but I can see advantages to having it the other way round. Meantime, why not ring your GP and ask if they can help you manage Friday better. Good luck x