Work after immediate bi lateral LD recon

I had a bilateral recon and immediate LD recon on 14.6.08. Am still in much discomfort everywhere. Had DCIS so didnt need chemo or radio. Havent had much aftercare and virtually impossible to get hold of PS nurse.My back is so tight.

Have said I will go back to work on Monday onreduced hours for 6 weeks then full time.Really regretting this now. Is this too soon as still in discomfort?

No one has suggested physio. So I talk to my doc about this?


Max xx

Hi Max

I only had one sided LD flap immediate recon and it knocked me for six! I remember feeling very tight among other things for a long time which is normal. Did you do all your excercises?

If, however you feel like it is too much for for you to go back to work, go and discuss this with your GP: Otherwise, I would either call your Plastic Surgeon’s secretary direct or make an appontment to see your GP and ask for a referral, to make sure all is healing properly.

Remember, you have had a HUGE op… Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to indulge the messages your body is sending you!

Nikki x

Hi Max,

I had bilat and recon (implants only) at the end of May. My job is part-time (2 days per week) and I went back in August doing just 3 hours a day and then built up the hours as and when I felt ready. My boss was really supportive and I felt completely ok to say that some tasks were uncomfortable e.g. lugging huge files off high shelves and someone else did them. I did find returning to work a huge help to my recovery mentally. To be in some cheerful company was great (my OH was on anti-depressants and not at his best) and even the journey to work felt like an achievement. The first day back is by far the worse as everything seems unfamiliar - have you had chance to visit work?

I agree with Nikki not to rush things - go at your pace.

A few months on and I am still uncomfortable everyday and get tired easily. Sometimes this gets me down but on good days I can put it out of my mind.

Best Wishes

Thanks for your comments.Am going back to work next week I think, even though still in discomfort. Have managed to get an appointment with PS next week to see if everything is ok.

Take care