Work and benefits

Hello Ladies

Not sure if I’m in the right place here… but here goes.

When I was diagnosed with BC I had no advice about working or benefits at all. It is only since i have been on this site that I’ve noticed help may be available.

What I’m not sure about is that although I am working at the moment, i can’t do my pevious work as a lecturer in holistic therapies and have had to rely on some other teaching on a tempirary basis. Therefore my ability to earn more has decreased significantly.

I am now having further problems since radiotherapy with my shoulders, elbow and wrists. Physio have told me there if nothing they can do as it it damaged nerves that are causing the problem. My only solution is pain management. However, I find I am now having problems with my work as my arms are so painful.

I wondered if anyone else has had similar problems and whether it is even worth trying to get some extra money to help with my reduced working hours?


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