Work issues deciding

After oh assessment, got option of career break, go back as bank cleaner in hospital 9-12 months,
Or agreed dismissal where I still have the option of going back applying for jobs.
I duno what to do,I live with my head in the clouds,:rofl:
I’ve always wanted to focus on my art eventually selling it ,
After a cancer diagnosis/ treatment ,I’m out a year of activ treatment ,
Do people actually get hired in any kind of job or are we seen as just a problem??


I would check with McMillan on work question, as you cannot be discriminated against because of the diagnosis! Your employer has an obligation to support a return to work if that’s what you want to do and i guess are not on a temporary contract.

Ultimately you have to do what is best for you emotionally and physically. Don’t rush the decision

I can’t do the redeployment in admin I can’t do cleaning either.
Already gone through a list of options available this is what is left, leave or go back in 9-12 months as bank

Hi Be,

As Yorkshire Tyke says, they cant do that. They have to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

Anything else is discrimination.

Good luck.

They can dismiss me ,it has to be a mutual agreement, , I’ve already been told by McMillan but they have to do it properly,
I can’t do reasonable adjustments ,
I can’t do redeployment,
I’ve got dizzyness issues, I’ve got sore hands from chemo, concentration issues, fatigue, PTSD.
I can’t even clean my own house,every offer they have given me I can’t do so I have two options left,