Work & RT

Hi all
Am still @work but feeling shattered now. Half way through RT. Feeling sore & down. Boss could not care less she is female by the way!
Not sure how much longer I can carry on doinf full day. Any advice from anyone that understands wd be welcome.
Love Alis


I finished my RT in March and the last week (I had 3 weeks) I went part time to help with tiredness.

You are covered by the Equality Act & employers have to make reasonable adjustments. I’d have a chat with your RT team at your next session & to be quite honest ask to see a doctor & get signed off.

Fatigue effects us all differently & I got away quite lightly; I worked full-time for first 2 weeks & only needed a couple of days after. But I did go onto “light duties” until I felt more my old self.

Hope this helps
Take care

I also think BC is covered by the Disability and Discrimination Act, my employer has arranged for me to work from home during my treatment, I work in the private sector and beleive me, they would not do this if they did not have an obligation to do so, I probably wouldn’t even have a job now. I gave them a copy of the Breat cancer Care Employers Charter which seemed to do the trick!

During chemo I am working part time as signed off by my GP and my consultant surgeon also sent them a letter. There is also evidence that people who continue to work whilst having treatment have a better recovery and prognosis. I self cert when I feel too ill to work so I get statutory sick pay as my company does not pay sick pay.

Trying to balance work with treatment can be very difficult, good luck and I hope you can sort things with your boss.

DaisyGirl xx

I had different advice about work and radiotherapy. My Breast cancer nurse said take the time off sick, you won’t be able to cope, the radiotherapy nurse said its a breeze, simplest treatment ever invented , and my Gp said everyone is different, but if you dont feel well come back and I will sign you off sick. Big help but I suppose they are right that everyone is different. So I have started my treatment at work full time and am waiting to see how it goes. But I have warned my employer that I may go off sick, and if I dont feel well that’s what I will do.
I am 3 days in, and feel a bit weird, tired and have headaches. So I will carry on working for now. But if you feel poorly you should go to your GP and ask for a sick note.

It would seem that not only do the effects or RT differ from case to case, but the attitude of employers as well. I have just completed my first week of RT, still working full time and my employers have been wonderful throughout everything, they’ve told me not to push myself too much and not to worry if I need time off and HR have personally checked to make sure that I’m ok. Perhaps it’s time that guidelines were laid down for all employers to follow.

As for me, so far, so good, no definite discomfort, but then again I’ve only had a week of treatments.

Hi everyone
Thx 4 yr comments. I managed 2 last through the week. Reached halfway point yesterday 4 my rads. I am trying 2 carry on as much as I can. as I know it may get worse when I do the last week or so 4 boosters! At least I can chill now this long w/e with some alternative therapy _ housework catchup, lol! Thx again 4 yr morale support.
Love Alis