Hi folks, I am booked in for a WLE and SNB on 20 August. Was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I’ve been on holiday and due back at work next week, then off the following week for my op. My first question is how long do you think I’ll be off work for. My boss has been asking and I’ve asked my GP and he said he doesn’t know!!! My second question is this. I have never had planned sick leave before, so when do I get a sick line from my GP? Do I make an appoint before my op or do I self cert the first week and then go to GP?

Thanks for reading!!

Get a sick note from your doctor dated from the date you finish work. You should just be able to phone up to get this if he knows of your diagnosis. You will need it to be for a minimum of 4 weeks I would imagine. If you need more time than this all you need to do is phone the doctor toward the end of your sick period and ask for a new sick note to run from the last day of your old one (keeping it one sick period). There’s nothing to stop you going back to work before this expires if you feel up to it.

Remember, the result of your SNB and whether clear margins are achieved will dictate any further treatment so err on the side of caution.

I was asked by the nurses if I would need a sick note when I was admitted for my wle, & it was ready for me to take home on discharge. It was for 2 weeks but I think I would have gone back to the GP for at least another week’s note as I don’t think I could have coped with work at that point (small reception children!), but as it happened I was re-admitted anyway.
Hope it goes well for you on the 20th,

I had my wle and snb on a Thursday, I was back to work the following Wednesday. I certainly didn’t need two weeks off, everyone is different of course, but I was going stir crazy at home and needed to start getting back to normal as soon as possible.

However had I needed a sick note, the hospital will give you one for two weeks, then if you need more time following that it’s the GP.

Hi M

I am having my operation on 19/8, lump and lymph removed, I have asked for special leave on day operation, then a 2 week cert from 20/08 for 2 weeks, but it does depend on the results of course, when I actually return!!

, Id like to return asap, as work keeps me going, keeping busy is key to keeping My mind sane, but have been told, I will  need 2 weeks to recuperation, really??, I suppose the experts know…Karen x does this help? 

Hi kmb,
As I’ve said everyone is different but there was no way I needed two weeks off, they also said I would prob need that but I found I did not.

Work is also keeping me sane, it gives my mind a rest, 8 hours where I’m for the most part not thinking about this god awful thing that’s happening!
Return when you feel ready, whether it be 2 days or two weeks.
Once you get your results from this, which generally takes about 2 weeks from op date, again everyone is different, but you shouldn’t need time off work! Unfortunately for me my surgeons clinic is on a Friday so I had the weekend to think about it all after results, but after seeing him on that Friday I went straight in to work after, I needed to it kept me going! I had 3 operations so results day never meant good news!

You should ask at the hospital for your sicknote, mine was for four weeks. I am not planning on going back to work until I have completed radiotherapy.
Unless you have real financial concerns do not rush back to work. I had my op 24 july and am still in slight discomfort.