I’m not sure if my post worked. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on work? I am a full time teacher and my school has been excellent so far. I am thinking in terms of six months off for chemo and then more if I have surgery. Is it realistic to think in terms of going back to work while managing bone mets and treatment after that?

Hello Anne

Maybe I’m speaking out if turn but so many ladies here are teachers …it must be all the stress !! Not me though I’m retired but was a legal cashier but stressful!
I think you must just see how u go with work …have the time off for chemo and then maybe a phase back to work then ?
Take a day at a time …don’t run before you can walk as my mum used to say !!
Hugs xx

Two colleagues of mine have also recently been treated. They said the same - so many teachers!

Morning Anne

It is possible regarding work. I had 6 months off when going through treatment then had a gradual return to work.

Worked till my retirement at 63. Diagnosed breast and bone mets at same time age 57.

Bone mets is seen as a chronic illness not a death sentence. Can live for years with it.

Good luck with treatment.


Thank you! That’s so encouraging. I like work and having worked all the time my children were growing up and having to juggle it’s been good just focusing on work. Now I’ve got work and cancer but encouraging to know it may be doable. Thank you

Hi Anne.  I was diagnosed with secondaries last July and I have continued to work full-time. When I had my primary a few years ago I did have some time off for surgery but did manage to work part-time through chemo. My work was very accomadating.  These days I go once a month to get my denosamab injection. It does mean I am a couple of hours late in that day but apart from that treatment (so far) as not effected my work. I am on letrozole and ibrance so only need to take two pills. One in the morning and one in the evening. At the moment all perfectly do-able.xx

Goodness you ladies are impressive! I thought my life was over when I heard it had spread.

That’s very helpful thank you. The nurse said schools aren’t great places when you’re having chemo but I like work and assume it’s best to keep things normal? I’m not sure how I’d cope with being told two years! Do they generally volunteer an estimate or do you have to ask? I should get a clearer picture on Monday. You sound very brave and strong

One step at a time Anne. Depending on your treatment regime and travelling you may feel you can work some weeks and not others.

I reduced my hours through chemo and was able to work from home. It gave a sense of normality but if I’d had to travel to work and face a classroom of students (of any age!) I don’t think I would have coped with that.

Also think about the continuity for the learners. See how it goes we’re all different and react differently to the drugs.

All the best x

Hi Anne it would be a good idea to get referred to your Occupational Health department. This will probably happen anyway as part of the protocol.
They are usually very good at supporting you through this process and making sure your employers work with you to facilitate a return to work that is manageable for you, as and when you feel ready. Don’t put yourself under any pressure or try to make any firm decisions yet.
Hugs Phoebe x

Thank you. I will do that. I tried to talk to the oncologists but they just said to go to work.!m not sure I’m mentally ready. I’ll certianly ask for an appointment with the occupational health people. Thanks for the advice