working along side radiotherapy,

Hi does any one work along side having treatment?

I feel tired most of the time, I am on tamoxifen and rads start

in june. I’m feeling totally useless, esp when i hear from friends how well

their friends have done- during treatment- they still work, they are amazing.

I hate feeling like this:smileyfrustrated:. X

Hi Fluffy


Everybody is different and no two cancer journeys are the same. You need to do what is right for YOU and not to compare or put pressure on yourself. Whether you work during treatment is down to so many different factors and it is just not possible for everyone.


I DID work through my RT but I only work part time so could organise my hours around my sessions and only live half an hour away from hospital so didn’t have TOO long a journey either side of treatment - I aksed for appoinments around midday as this was the least popular time for most patients and easier to find a parking space. I managed well during RT but found it was a month or so AFTER that the exhaustion really got me and wondered if I should have taken time off work - maybe I would have recovered quicker from it all…


Lu xx

Hello ladies
I return to work next Wednesday, 3 weeks after my surgery. I really want to return and get my life back but I’m so worry that then I can not manage RT and work
If you can share your experience will help, for sure :slight_smile:


Don’t beat yourself up over not working! You just do what’s best for YOU! We are all different, and the treatment is different for everyone! I decided to work through all my treatment. It meant spending every weekend for the last 9months basically sleeping! But I was okay with that, if it meant I could be ‘normal’ during the week!

The most important thing is to beat this horrid disease! So if that means taking time out to look after yourself and rest, then do it! Getting better is the main thing! Don’t worry about what others say! You are amazing for fighting this disease! So don’t give yourself a hard time!

Sending you a ((((((((((big hug)))))))))))

Sal xxxxx

Hi Fluffy and Paula, I am four weeks post WLE and returned to work last week on a phased return. Luckily for me my work has been very understanding. When I come home I sit for an hour and sometimes have a little nap and so far its working OK. I am still waiting for my oncologist appointment to schedule radiotherapy, but would also like to continue to work around the treatments as much as I can. Work has helped me enormously, it stops my mind from wandering too much and keeps me occupied and amongst people and normality. Although I like being at home too I have more of a tendency to mope. Everyone is different and you must do what is right for you. Take care both xxxpb

For sure Fluffy :wink:
Good luck for all of you :slight_smile:

Thanks Nanny!

Thanks PrincessBear - nice name by the way :slight_smile: I have no imagination and couldn’t found a funny/cleaver one

Hello :slight_smile:
Just to share with you that I started today working - full day, with lots of meetings and a business lunch
By 5pm I realized that I was really tired as I start feeling nauseas and everything was spinning
Tomorrow I will try to have a lighter day. Let’s see if is possible
Please also share your experiences
Get well soon, ladies

Hi Paula, I am glad you were able to go back to work, but don’t over do it. This is my second week back on reduced hours. Feel a bit guilty and a bit of a slacker when I head home mid afternoon, but my manager was adamant I shouldn’t do too much too soon and to be honest I could easily have a nap most afternoons! Trying to get some exercise during the week…just gentle stuff…yoga and walking. Must admit to feeling like I’ve aged 20 years when I started back at yoga last week. Felt as stiff as an old board! So it does go to show how much the op takes out of you and that it takes time to heal and start to feel normal. We are all so impatient aren’t we.

My name is one of many my husband calls me…he sticks bear on the end of everything! Take care xxpb