Working during radiotherapy?

Hi All,

Has anyone returned to work whilst having rads? Have been off work since starting chemo and hopefully starting rads in April. Im really keen to go back to work, but just wonder what others have done?
I should beable to answer this Q myself, as I had chemo + rads 4 years ago and didnt go back to work for a month after the rads finished, but really want to get back earlier this time (I think!).
The Onc said he doesnt recommend it during rads and I know we are all different, but just wanted to hear from others experiences.
(ps Im a midwife, but mainly office based nowadays)

Many thanks

K x

Hi K,

I had A WLE, chemo and rads in 2007/2008.

I am a mental health nurse working in an A and E dept and i went back to work whilst i was still on chemo and rads on a phased return.

I ended up just working one shift per week so i was not too tired and i was fine…i must say though the support i had from my family, manager and occ heath and my oncology team was second to none.

I was initially on Epi and there was no way that i could work on that…it floored me…but the side efects from the CMF was not as bad…so that made it easier…and i did not find the rads that bad.

At the end of the day though we are all different and respond to things differently so see how you feel and do what is best for you.

Good luck with your treatment.

Love Deb x

Thanks Deb,
I had E-CMF last time and agree, theres no way I could have worked through epi (or the CMF for me!) I do feel that im going to pick up more quickly this time though, a lot of which I think is due to me having kept my hair (so feel more normal, more confident and not as uncomfortable with my wig on when my hair started to grow back). I also found the SEs of tamoxifen hard for the first month or so, so that didnt help.

Anyway, thanks again x