working through chemo, on FEC T


After bit if advice, am really lucky to be supported brilliantly from work. Am managing to do some part time hours when feeling ok. Have done 2 cycles of FEC. Side effects not to bad, but getting worried about T. Has anyone managed to work through it??? Work are putting no pressure on, this is more about me keeping sense of normality and feel good being able to do it. But from what I can tell the T part can hit you like a ton of bricks??

Hi. I had 4 EC then 4 Tax last year. I worked through it, just taking a few days off after each treatment. I did work shorter days most days, but managed at least 5 generally. The first Tax hit me pretty hard and I had a week off. but the rest I had just one or two days (my treatment was Friday so I also had the weekiend to recover). See how you go and be guided by how you feel. If you feel up to it and want to work then go for it. I firmly believe it helped keep me sane.

Cheers!! Positive response just what I needed

Hi vic55…I worked all through chemo 6 x FEC-T 3 years ago…in a school too (not directly with children though). Looking back it was quite tough, I got quite slow and tired, however for me to keep a modicum of control over my life and in touch with normality/reality, work was the best thing I could have done! Not sure I would have coped with dwelling on everything through a prolonged absence or a phased return. I would take the day and next day or so of chemo off, then the ‘nadir’ low blood count days (7-10 for FEC and 4-7 for TAX…I think) and as some of these fell over a weekend, I only took 4 out of 18 weeks off. Was hospitalised following 1st TAX with an unknown infection…Onc said you are more at risk from yourself i.e. what you eat, cuts, grazes, urinary and chest infections than from others. Aches and pains from TAX were sometimes an issue, although taking painkillers from day 2 helped. My school was very supportive, on occasion I had a late start/early finish and everytime staff went to the shop or MacDonalds they brought me back a treat of ice cream, fruit pastilles, honey or flavoured water…got qute spoilt actually. Never wore a wig (not after it blew off in Morrisons car park!) just chemo beanies and straw hats. See how you go, listen to your body and do what feels right for you…all the best x

Thank you ladies…appreciate the feedback! X

Hi VIC55
I managed to work through the FEC as well. I didn’t manage to work with the T. That for me was impossible. It does hit. Like a ton of bricks is understatement. For me the decision to go sick was the correct one. As every body is different and it affects each and everyone of us differently it may not be for you. My job meant I was on my feet up to 8 hours a shift. My employer put no pressure on me, but I wanted to try to do my normal shifts. Unfortunately at some point you will need to go sick. Decide what is best for you. Hope l have helped

T def tougher, taken longer to bounce back after first dose, but planning a morning at work tomorrow. Am lucky I guess, I can pick own hours and work at a computer. Feel like definate geek, but totally looking forward to a morning of normal!

hi i worked through fec-t had to have every 3rd week off due to the effects couldn,t even get out of bed buti pushed my self for my own sanity hope you manage to and good luck x


Hi. In glad I found this thread. I’m due to start chemo in November but would like to continue working to keep me sane and brain working and speak with other people!

I’m an auditor and work at a computer and have my own office. I’m just slightly concerned we are going into winter and colds and sore throats etc tend to be rife and the main office is outside mine.

I can do whatever hours I can manage my work have been fantastic and my MD is a full supporter of Cancer Research and does a huge bike ride challenge each year. So I don’t want to let him down

I am due 6 X sessions and am aware there will be days I feel awful days I will be ok and days of ok but not great. I can also work from home

Hope you are all doing well and that going to work in whatever capacity helped