Working through chemo

Hi all,

It looks like I’ll be commencing chemo this month (EC x3 then Paclitaxol x9).

I know this is a bit of a random thought but I’m likely to run out of company sick pay before the cycles are complete (I’ve already been off for about 9 weeks due to surgeries). I’m wondering if anyone has continued to work while undergoing their chemo at all? I’m very conscious of looking after myself but I actually enjoy my job and would find it a welcome distraction if I could potentially work. Or am I being totally unrealistic


I realistically would have been able to work after the first two cycles(not the first 3 days after the chemo), but not later on. Can you go back to work before you start chemo for a bit?

i personally did not work though(too much responsibility in my case), but i was able to study a bit on a flexible schedule during the first couple of weeks.I suppose it depends on the type of work you do and how flexible everything is…

please look after yourself x

Hiya it depends on you some people can work through it, I am basically really unwell for 6-7 days after each session then apart for fatigue I’m ok. Hope this helps