Working while taking Abemaciclib

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone working while taking Abemaciclib twice daily?
What hours work ect.

I am 34 have 2 youngh children recently returned to work pre school doing 16.5 hours a week since my bone infusion last Fri zolendronic acid i have been achy, suffering really bad with mouth ulcers i have one massive one dentist said never seen one so big now have another appear, have had some flu symptoms but alwags get this after infusion.

I went back as felt well enough and for me to get out socalise get back into some sort of routine. Diagnosed Nov 2021 finished day teatment last July, radio Aug.



Hi Mel sorry you are having a difficult time , mouth ulcer sounds horrible ,maybe post in the targeted therapies section too hopefully more people on this treatment will notice this post . Hope things improve for you .
Targeted therapies

Hi Mel

That sounds so uncomfortable I hope you feel better soon. Yes - I am working full time whilst taking Abemaciclib. I am currently on my 8th month of taking it alongside letrozole. The only side effect I have had is sometimes having to rush to the loo without warning but I have learnt what to avoid eating and when to eat and this has enabled me to in the main avoid the tummy issues. I am still on the max dose of 150mg twice a day. However if you do get bad side effects the dose can be reduced without losing efficacy. Please feel free to ask any other questions.
Best wishes

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Yes- work full time with two kids. It may well be the Zoledronic acid as I end up being off sick after every one. I feel terrible after them with aches, flu like etc. hopefully you’ll feel better in a week or so. The abe side effects were rough the first 8 weeks but now I’m ok but tend to go to bed quite early and always feel a bit tired if I’m honest. The stomach issues are much improved but I do have tongue sores constantly.

Good luck x

Hi Mel
I stared Abemaciclib this June and I work full time. Initially I was on 150 Ms, 2x daily. I suffered severe diarrhea and daily abdominal pain. After 3 weeks of suffering, my onc reduced the dosage to 100 mg, also 2x daily. With this reduced dosage, the diarrhea episodes reduced - I only get occasional diarrhea now and the abdominal pains have also reduced. I wish you well going forward and sending you hugs.

Hi, I started abemaciclib in April, returned to full-time work in a hospital in May. On 150mgs twice daily.
Found a row of separate toilets that isn’t used as much (very self-conscious in cubicles when it’s bad) but sometimes find them already taken which is a panic, or toilet tissue not available and had to use my scissors to break into toilet holder, or hang up on a phone call that is taking too long/walk out of a meeting…not always ideal but it is what it is.
Seven months and diarrhoea is less but some days worse than others.
I did feel very fuzzy headed, couldn’t get going first thing so arranged to work 10-6 rather than 8-4. Try to work from home one day a week-amazing how more relaxed it is with less interruptions, non-uniform, non travel… find it harder juggling lots of projects now which I think is anastrazole.
Hope some of those suggestions may help you…

Hi - I am a young 65 year old on Abemaciclib, and Letrozole. I work 34 hours a week, Mon-Thurs - I am on a phased return and will be on full hours in a couple of weeks. Cant deny I’m shattered after my shifts and the brain fog is real !
I had to reduce my Abemaciclib dose down to 50mg twice a day as i had awful chronic fatique and still do but a little better.
No mouth ulcers and bone density scan was normal so no zolendrolic needed at this stage but can see online that this can cause aches and pains.
You didnt mention your Abemaciclib dose so may be worth looking at if on 150 or 100 twice a day if struggling in any way. I was told it was the frequency of taking it that mattered not the dose amount.
Working again hasnt been easy but has to be done. Hoping your side effects improve and your dentist can sort out your ulcers for you. good luck x