Working whilst having chemo?

Hi there,
Is there anybody out there who is currently still working whilst having chemotherapy treatment? I am awaiting a lumpectomy,followed by the possibility of chemotherapy .I have a small hairdressing business ,which I am anxious to keep.I just wondered if I would still be able to work during treatment? Are any of you in a similar situation? Thank you.

Hi erica, can’t answer your question from experience,  but I work in a medical centre and know many people who work through whilst receiving treatment. Some occasions people ask for a sick note if they have had a rough day, but we are all different. I probably will be in the same situation as I have to wait until 20th feb for my results. I believe we have to take each day as it comes and hearing from some of the lovely ladies here there are many who continue with work. All the best to all of us xxxxxxxx

Hi Erica,


My own hairdresser had breast cancer and underwent chemo then surgery (lumpectomy including loss of her nipple plus ovarian surgery), radiotherapy and reconstruction of nipple and worked throughout her treatment. She reduced the number of clients that she dealt with when she was particularly unwell during chemo and those of us that she did continue to see were more than happy to fit around her availability knowing that there would be some times when she didn’t feel well enough to work but they were rare.  She is just coming up to her 5 year cancer diagnosis anniversary (if that’s the right way of putting it!) and doing great now and she says that working was one of the ways she kept her sanity through it all.  Having said that, I think it is such an individual thing as others (me being one of them!) find it a blessing not to have to go to work (and my hairdresser has been a brilliant source of advice too)!