Worried 21 year old male


I’m worried I have breast cancer.

I’ve had a tender disc shaped lump under my left nipple for over a year. I’ve had it checked twice over that time, and both said it was blocked ducts or a cyst, and it would eventually disappear. It hasn’t, so I’m worried.

I don’t have any discharge, swelling, armpit lumps, nipple pain/retraction, or redness, but I’m very worried.

I’m going to see a Dr again this week, but I’d like to hear any words of encouragement, ideas, suggestions etc.

Is it likely to be cancer? I know you can’t diagnose, but I’m very scared.

The lump hasn’t grown in any way, and is fairly flat and smooth.

I’m new here, but would really appreciate a reply.

Chris x

Hi Chris

Sorry you are having such a worrying time and pretty brave of you to come on here. I dont know what age you are but when my son was 17 he had a breast lump which was due to hormones but it did disappear after a fairly short while. The fact you have had it for a year and it hasn’t got any bigger is encouraging but i can understand you being worried. Men can develop a condition called gynaecomastia which is swelling of the breast tissue and is benign again due to hormones i think and is corrected by surgery.

I think when you see the dr this week you have to be pretty firm and assertive and say you want referred to a surgeon so you can get this sorted out and have some peace of mind. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes… Trish

I would agree with that… good that it doesn’t appear to be getting bigger, but either way I would be happier seeing a surgeon or at least have it tested to put your mind at rest just tell them you will keep cmming back until they refer you… they will soon get the message!!! Let us know how you get on.
Mands xx

Hi Chris

My son had a very similar thing to you - he is 16. Very tender, small lump by the nipple. He had a ultrasound and they drained it and it was a cyst. He had to go to the breast clinic to be treated and surprisingly, there were a few young men there all with the same thing (I got talking to their mother’s!). Apparently, this is very common in young men as you have breast tissue the same as women. My other son who is now 20, had something very similar when he was a bit younger but they just left it and eventually disappeared… Best to get it checked, but highly unlikely to be breast cancer in a younger man - not impossible, but very rare.

Thank you for your comments/support. I really appreciate it.

I know that young men can get gynaecomastia, but I had assumed at 21, I would be too old, although I’ve had it since I was 20.

Seeing the Doctor tomorrow, so, will wait and see. Either way, I would like to get it tested/removed, to put my mind at rest.

Chris x

Hi Chris

I dont think at 21 you are too old although it is common in teenagers because of hormonal imbalances. Are you otherwise fit and well, normal weight and not taking any medication, because all these can affect it?

Hi Cathy

Yes, I’m otherwise healthy, bit underweight, but always have been, was taking anti-anxiety medication for about a year as well.

C x

hope it goes well at docs. its encouraging that its sore and hasnt grown. good luck

Hi Chris

Sounds as though you are healthy - did your GP do any thyroid tests as this can interfere with hormones. However, I really do think from what you have said it is gynaecomastia as it has been there so long and not changed.

Hi Chris,

just wanted to say good luck tomorrow - dont you dare let your GP fob you off, tell them it is really worrying you and for piece of mind you want it investigated - surely if you have been on anti anxiety drugs they will know you are prone to worrying!

Please let us all know what happens as we do care about each other and how things are going.

Big hugs

Clarabelle x


Saw the Doctor today. He said that it is nothing to worry about, and that it was a small build up of breast tissue. Felt under my armpits, and the fact that it had been there a year and hadn’t grown, he said, it would be OK, but if it was causing me worry, I could get it removed.

But he said otherwise, leave it, and it may disappear on its own, or could stay indefinately.

If it grows or becomes solid, he said to pop back.

I mentioned I had anxiety and was worried about it being cancer etc, but he (along with 2 other Drs I had previously seen) said it is safe to be left.

I’ll see how I get on, and may ask to get it removed if it is still playing on my mind.

Thanks for your support and messages.

Chris x

Hi Chris,
hope your mind is now at rest - now get out of here, stop worrying and go enjoy life!
Clarabelle x

Hi Chris

Very pleased for your good news. The fact that three doctors have now confirmed that it is harmless should put your mind at rest. I know you will still be worried about what if they have got it wrong, but not very likely at all. If they were at all concerned, they would have referred you. My son got a quick referral for his breast lump only because he had a different type of cancer when he was a baby and they are very twitchy about him. Otherwise he too would have been left alone - as it happened, his lump was totally harmless, so please stop worrying

Thank you!
Thanks to all who gave advice, and I wish everyone on here well.

Best Wishes

Chris x