worried 40 yr old

hello im new to all this im 40 years old and about 6 weeks ago i took a sharp blow to my right breast since then i think! ive developed a small lump and it hurts but im too scared to go to the doctor please i would be grateful for your comments x

Hi Chester68,

Please go to see your GP. If you know you have had an injury to the area where there is now a lump, you can discuss this, if your GP wants to make sure he/ she will more than likely refer you to a Breast Clinic.

I understand how worried you feel, I found a lump 10 days ago, saw GP the next day, she thinks it is just a cyst, but has referred me anyway. I have my appt on Tuesday at 10.

I am 42 years old, and if I am honest, yes I am petrified, but I would rather know one way or the other. I will be a wreck Tuesday, but at least then I will have done something about it.

The waiting seems to take forever, but you can do it! Get in to see your GP as soon as possible.

Good luck
Dinkydo x

Hi Chester

I am really sorry you find yourself having this worry. I think you know what you need to do and that is go to the doctor!!! It may be nothing but you really need to get it checked.

I am sure others will be along soon to say the same thing

Jill x x

Hi Chester, as Tolliebelle says, the only way you’ll get peace of mind is to see your GP and get this checked out.

Hopefully it is just an injury from the blow to your breast, in which case, your GP can give you some reassurance and send you on your way. It is quite likely your GP will refer you to a breast clinic where the experts can work out what is actually is. Even if you are referred to a breast clinic, it’s most likely that you will be given a simple explanation of what it is, any necessary treatment and freed from fear - something like 90% of breast lumps are benign. But IF the worst happens and it is cancer then you will have caught it as early as possible and will be given excellent treatment to deal with it. Remember when you look on here, it is mostly the 1 in 10 women whose lumps are cancer who are posting - we are not a representative sample of women who find lumps.

First thing tomorrow pick up that phone, tell the receptionist you have found a breast lump and demand a rapid appointment (I got mine in 2 hours of phoning my GP)… do NOT let them fob you off with two week waits or whatever. The sooner you make the call, the sooner your mind will be at rest.

Sorry to be so bossy, but it is the only way for you to be freed from anxiety.

Take care and try to enjoy your Sunday as best you can.

Hi Chester,

I know how stressful this can be but as the others have said Please go to the Dr & get checked… It is much easier to deal with these things than to hope they will just go away if left…it could be something in nothing but best to know.
Iam also 40 & waiting to have a lump checked… the wait is hard but i’d rather know what iam dealing with, not just for me but for my family too.
Best of luck xxx