worried about biopsy

Hi everyone.
Firstly I’d like to say how good this website and forum is. I’ve had cause to visit it quite a few times over the past 4 weeks and the information and support on here is wonderful. You ladies are truly inspirational.
4 weeks ago my right breast suddenly swelled up and was red, painful and very inflamed. I saw my GP who started me on antibiotics and referred me to the breast clinic as inflammatory breast cancer was one possible cause. Obviously I was worried sick but by the time I was seen at the clinic 10 days later the inflammation, swelling and pain had more or less gone so the antibiotics had worked (making the diagnosis more likely to be mastitis rather than inflammatory breast cancer). I had a mammogram which showed some density but the consultant didn’t think it was anything to worry about. I had alarm bells ringing (especially as I know that IBC won’t necessarily show up on mammogram). I asked the doc if he had ever known of a case that had responded to antibiotics but still turned out to be IBC and he said no.
10 days later I had a call from the breast care nurse to say that they had reviewed my case and, whilst they are pretty sure it was nothing to worry about, they want me to go in for a biopsy. The letter to my GP said it was a small cluster of microcalcification. I have ‘an upright stereo mammo & vac ass biopsy’ booked for the 4<sup>th</sup> June.
I keep telling myself that it is unlikely to be cancer (especially IBC as the symptoms went away) but I just feel so worried. I have also been reading up about the procedure (would you believe there is a video on you tube!!) and the thought of having my boob clamped in the mammogram position for so long makes me feel sick.
Feeling really sorry for myself and just want to have a bl**dy good cry.
Sorry it’s so long x

Hi Silly Sue, I apparently have dense breasts which according to my BC team can make identification of a cancer more difficult to spot - That is probably why they have called you in for a biospy - just to make sure nothing is missed. Try and stay positive, what will be will b, so just enjoy each day as it comes.

Hi OMG55,
Thank you for replying. I’m sure you are right and in away I am actually quite relieved that they are doing a biopsy as it will take away any doubt in my mind that something hasn’t been missed. It’s just the waiting has got to me today and the thought of having my boob squashed in position for so long is worrying me for some reason. Think I need an early night. x

Please try not to worry about the biopsy you’ll have a local anaesthetic and whilst I wouldn’t call it painful it will be a bit uncomfortable you’ll be in the hands of professionals they’re very adept at making you feel as comfortable as possible its no good me telling you not to worry because you will but remember waiting is the worst and there’s a lot of waiting in this game unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done so keep yourself busy that helps a little do things you enjoy I hope this helps please keep coming back as long as you need to and good luck :))

Thank you Loobyb xx

Hi Sue I had a stereo biopsy last week, its not as bad as i feared having also watched the vidoe on you tube, once they find the calcification on the machine images they deaden your breast so you don’t feel anything and the bruising is not too bad after. you will be a bit uncomfortable but paracetamol is enought to take it away.
My results are not until a week monday due to thre BH, it is not a nice place to be but this site and the bravery of the ladies does help hugely.
good luck with it all xx

Dear Kezza,
Thank you for your reply which is very reassuring to hear. I am feeling much calmer now and not so overwhelmed by it all. Thanks to your and the other replies I feel less worried about the procedure and I realise that it is going to probably be a week of waiting for the results after the biopsy and there is nothing I can do about any of it so I am TRYING not to worry too much about it all for now.
Thanks for your help and good luck with your results. Please pop by and let us know how you get on.
Sue xx

Just thought I should report back in case anyone else is worried about having the procedure done. As Loobyb and Kezza 68 said it is really not too bad at all and not really painful (apart from a little sting when the local anaesthetic first went in). I had some bruising afterwards and a bit of pain but nothing that paracetamol couldn’t sort out. So please don’t worry if you are facing a stereo biopsy. It’s really not that bad x