Worried about cough

I am worried about a persistent cough I’ve had since the begining of December. Until a few days ago I thought it was linked to a cold and sore throat which hads been back and forward between my son and I but a constant has been a real hacking cough.
I went to the GP last week and he gave me some antibiotics and told me to go for a chest Xray if it didn’t clear up. He told me there was most probably nothing to worry about but it would check for cancer. That word hadn’t entered my head and now it won’t leave it. I went for the Xray on Monday because although the cold/flu has gone I still have the cough. Quite often I’ll wake up with a sore throat which dissapears during the day but I also noticed that when I go to church and try to sing my voice is croaky. I’m not much of a singer but a better noise used to come out of my mouth!!
I’m glad I went to the GP and hope the test shows nothing nasty. I’ll be going to my check up with the oncologist in two weeks so I’ll mention it to him.
Good luck to everyone who’s waiting for test results.

Hi Gentleninja,

I’m sure you’re GP is just airing on the side of caution, which is good.
The only thing i can add is my daughters boyfriend has had a persistant hacking cough for about 5-6 weeks now,which he has been told is a virus.
The trouble with bc is we worry about everything,whereas before we would’nt have given it another thought.Hope the x ray is all right, i’m sure it will be.Love Lesleyx

Hi Gentleninja

I have exactly the same problem. I went to see my GP today. He said there are so many viruses floating around at the moment. He said the cough I have had since December is likely to be a virus which has not been given the chance of totalling clearing when another one - sore throat and a feeling there is something stuck in my throat has developed. He said he was not overly worried and I should not dwell on it. If it does not clear up within 4 weeks he said he would send me for a chest X-ray but there is no point in overdosing me with radiation at this stage. I’m sure we will both be OK and it’s just the time of year for picking up these viruses.

Take plenty of liquid - honey and lemon is good. Steaming with Olbas Oil is also very good.

All the best.


I’m hoping to reassure you a bit.

I had chemo & MX in 2008, finished 5 weeks of rads early Feb 09 and then finished a year of Herceptin in July 09.

I started with a hacking cough, especially at night (you don’t mention if yours is worse at night) from about last April, and it just wouldn’t clear up despite various cough mixtures and remedies.

I had a chest xray in October followed by a CT scan, nothing thankfully showed up except some slight lung damage caused by rads and a fractured rib, caused by all the coughing.

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and given medication for this, since then the cough has virtually disappeared.

Do you find you suffer from indigestion/heartburn or acid more these days?

It’s just a suggestion and I hope to cause you less worry by detailing what is wrong with me.

Good luck.

I have this hacking cough too. Started since I commenced chemo but I honestly do not want to go to my GP after the ordeal I went through before my bc dx.
He treated me for infections for months while my breast swelling increases and told me to not cry my head out in his office.
I have used cough mixture but it is still there. I am just worried or paranoid.
I just wish and pray that the bc has not spread to my lungs…

Yes there are definitely some nasty coughs going around at the moment. My husband managed to get another bug just after getting over the first one and brought both of them back home to me. Both viruses lasted quite a few weeks (5-6 weeks ) each.