Worried about CT Scan

Hi All

I got a package yesterday containing to 2 bottles of liquil (Gastrografin) and an appointment for a CT scan. This has to be taken the night before at 10pm and then I have not to eat or drink 2 hours before the scan, it alson says on arrivial I will have to drink special liquid over the course of a half hour to an hour.

I never got this liquid to drink at my first CT scan and am getting myself worked up wondering why I am getting it this time? Can anyone entlighten me, I get a bit worried about the unknown.

It’s just that we are going away in the caravan this weekend and I don’t want to have this on my mind the whole time so anybody that can help, it would be appreciated.

I don’t know why they do it but this was the case with me as well - I only had the liquid immediately before and the injected scan liquid for my fist two scans but they gave me liquid for the preceding 24 hours on my most recent scan. If it’s any help there was absolutely nothing extra to worry about on the third scan and I don’t think they were looking for anything special.

I know what you mean about worrying about the unknown but I really think you have nothing to worry about - have a lovely weekend away (weather permitting).