Worried about IBC- redness, slight texture change, strange areola

Hi All,


About three/four weeks ago I discovered a red spot on my left breast- it wasn’t a normal ‘spot’ and hasn’t gone away but looks as though it is starting to heal. I now have an identical one on my right breast and feel less concerned about those.


However whilst I was checking I noticed changes to my right breast, which include some bluey-redness to that breast (it looks a bit veiny overall really); a blurry areola (it’s almost impossible to see where the skin finishes and the areola starts for the lower portion of it as it’s so blurry and I think the blurry edges are actually a rash) and slightly enlarged pores on the lower portion of that breast (I’m concerned that could be peau d’orange but it doesn’t look like classical pea d’orange). 


The lower portion of both my breasts are slightly brown but so is the skin on my chest underneath AND I’m fairly sure that that is due to a fungal infection as I’ve had that before and it seems to be getting better again.


Should I be concerned? I think I’ll make an urgent appointment tomorrow. I have contamination OCD (germ fears, specifically fear of contracting viruses) so haven’t been to a GP for years and don’t want to have to go twice. Do you think I should insist on a breast clinic referral so that I don’t have to go back? Or just listen to what the GP says? 


Oh also just to mention- I have had some itching to the nipple (but shower several times a day); I have not experienced pain on that boob; I am not sure whether the areola has become bigger and become misshapen over time or not as despite being 30 I have large, droopy boobs (too much running with poor bra support!) and cannot easily see the lower half of my bust without a mirror.


Any help massively appreciated! 

Hi Rose
Well, you would have to start with the GP anyway, to see what they say. If the symptoms do not resolve, then certainly ask if a breast clinic referral is indicated.
ann x



So I saw the GP and he’s referred me to the breast clinic under the two week pathway. I’m very scared. 


Would it be very unusual to have IBC in both breasts?


Left breast has two bite-like marks (one big one that appeared this morning; one small one that’s been there for at least three weeks), a blue vein appeared and disappeared on it last night.


Right breast has lumpiness, slightly enlarged pores (not typical peau d’orange but not normal either), redness and a bite-like mark, which has faded and almost healed. 


I’m 30, no kids (which I guess might be forever now), no husband/relationship and struggling with OCD (not health-anxiety related though) and feeling a sense of despair. 


I also just accidentally made my right nipple bleed by washing too much after my appointment. 


I’m concerned that all the hand sanitizer, soap and products I use have triggered cancer.

Hi Rose,
…& breathe.
It’s good you’ve been referred to be properly checked out & there’s nothing you’ve done which has caused a problem.
Of all the things it can be, ibc would be the Least likely, so try not to let yourself go into overdrive on the ‘what ifs.’
Having seen your other post, what happens at the breast clinic, is you’ll see the Dr who will do an examination. An ultrsound is usually done & if it’s clear what it is, you will be told then.
A mammogram may or may not be done, as it is not necessarily isueful for young women.
A biopsy maybe done if it’s not clear what it is & if this happens, then there is usually a week or 2s wait for the results- but if this happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean its bc.
Do let us know how you get on & do give the helpline here a ring if you need to talk it through.
ann x

They will do everything on the day & ultrasound is standard at the breast clinic. They will aim to give you an answer on the day. Usually, there’s only a wait if a biopsy is needed.
ann x