Worried about inflammatory breast cancer


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:  

I’m 25 and about 2-3 weeks ago I noticed this red mark on my right breast, when I first noticed it, it was smaller and lighter in colour. I didn’t think to much of it to begin with thinking it was just from irritation, however, it started to become really itchy and I began getting a shooting/aching feeling running through the breast, mainly from the back running forwards (if that makes sense). Again still put it to the back of my mind, until last night. After I’d had a shower it was still really itchy and sore so I thought I would have another look and noticed that a rash had started from the red mark going upwards towards the nipple. Last night I also noticed that around the red mark and rash dimpling had started, nothing big but I can definitely tell/see that there is dimpling there. The skin also feels different, thicker maybe? Parts of the breast sometimes looks a different colour like purple-ish and can sometimes be abit warmer to the touch.

After I noticed all this I decided to check for lumps, couldn’t find any in my actual breast or under my armpit, but above my right collarbone in towards my neck it is swollen and feels very puffy. It isn’t painful and there isn’t exactly a lump I can feel but it is swollen, I’m guessing it’s possibly a swollen lymph node? 

Decided to do the worst thing which was Google, it came up with all sorts of different things, cancer being one of them. I decided to avoid looking there and tried to find something else it could be, but couldn’t really find anything which is the same as what I’ve got. Other than cancer, inflammatory breast cancer matches my symptoms more than anything and I obviously got abit worried, made another mistake by looking into IBC more and got even more scared. 

I hardly slept last night and with it being a Saturday I couldn’t phone my GP today for an appointment so I’ve been stressed all day today. 

To be honest, I just want to know if anyone has seen something like this before along with all the other symptoms and could offer any knowledge or advice?

I will be ringing my GP in the morning, I don’t think they’re doing face to face appointments yet and I’m nervous that explaining over the phone or video call won’t put my mind at rest if it’s nothing bad as she won’t be able to feel the swelling around my collarbone and the rash, dimpling and redness doesn’t show up very well in photos. 

Sorry for the long post. Thank you in advance for any replies :slightly_smiling_face:  

Hi Colourpop, that looks sore ouch! Im sorry I cannot offer experience on IBC, but aside from that it could be an infection hence the lymph swelling. However what I can say is when i rang my GP about a lump she asked me to come in that afternoon and referred me there and then. So definetly ring tomorrow am and explain your concerns and hopefully they should see you asap in person and give you some answers! Best of luck xxx

Hi Colourpop - I’ve just seen your question and hope that by now you have either managed to speak to your GP or arranged an appointment. My GP surgery is starting with a phone call but then a face to face if they can’t do it over the phone. We are right with you, do keep chatting if we can help while you wait for answers. I know it’s tempting, but do try to stay away from Google if you can - easier said than done of course as you will be searching for reassurance.

You might also want to speak to the nurses on here if you have any questions that you didn’t ask your GP.

My very best wishes and big hugs, Evie xx