Worried about my breast


I’ve been panicking myself recently after having some trouble with my right breast. I’ve been getting a little Mark, almost like a bruise but it’s not and my right breast just doesn’t feel the same. I’ve also recently developed a small mole under my nipple that wasn’t there before.

I’ve been getting a bit of pain in it too, not like a stabbing pain, almost like a growing pain but not? It’s like a dull ache that isn’t on the outside feels like the inside of it. I’ve tried different bras in case that was the problem but it doesn’t seem to be making it any better.

I’m only 20 so know that it’s rare in my age but I can’t help but panic myself. I also keep feeling a small lump but I can only feel it in certain positions, mainly when I’m laid down, like a pea sized, not very big but definitely there.

I’m going to try and get a GP appointment next week but I’m slightly scared that for my age they won’t take me too seriously, just looking for some reassurance and advice.




As you say at your age it is very unusual for a breast change to be breast cancer but I think for your own peace of mind it would be worth making an appointment to see your GP to get it checked out.


A GP should take any concerns you have with regard to your health seriously so make that appointment, it could be that it is something hormonal and they may want to keep an eye on it.


Let us know how you get it on