worried about my mother and suspect myself has breast cancer



My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on October and had the chemotherapy. However, after 4 times of chemotheropy the tumor is getting bigger. The doctor suggested her to use a drug called herceptin (trastuzumab injection) the day before yesterday. I am going to be collapse as I learn that is a special drug and maybe it is the last try. I have lack of the knowledge about that drug. I am wondering is there any experts know that? And can I buy the appropriate drugs here and bring them back to China?


After I knew my mother’s news, I feel I have a pain on my right breast and I did not have my period after I knew that. I was worrying everyday and I have been to see my GP several times, they told me my breast is ok. But the pain or uncomfortable feeling does not stop. What is more I can hardly focus on my study and nervous about that too.

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Hi Kelly , I’m sorry you have so much to worry about , Herceptin is commonly used in the Uk along side Chemotheraphy to treat breast cancers that are caused by the HER2 protein , I guess this is the type your mum must have. Have the doctors told you if this is available to her in China? 

Your own symptoms are likely to be a result of the stress you are under so please try not to worry it is common  to imagine all sorts when you are under pressure. Its natural to be worried about your mum but I am sure she is being looked after and that the treatment she needs will be available to her xx Jo 


Hi Kelly , good luck with your assessment, I hope you do well ?Yes I think a balanced is the best way and I certainly hope 2018 is a great year for us all! Xx Jo