Worried about my nipple :(

Hi ladies, looking for a bit of advice if possible.

When I am lying down and my nipples are not erect (just flattish) a small part of my nipple seems to sink in to the rest of the nipple (it doesn’t look inverted it just looks like a small indent) however when I stand up this disappears or when my nipples are erect it disappears (without stimulation). This also might not be new for me, I am not sure if this is just something about my body I have never noticed before.

Everything I have read highlights to visit your doctor if you have an invertion of a nipple that wasnt like that before but they don’t give anymore info than that. Basically I don’t know of I am worrying about gravity or a possible health issue.

Just as an FYI, I am 30, I have health anxiety and had my breast examined by a specialist as recently as November so don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Any advice ( reassurance) would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ash 1983, what you describe is very similar to my situation. I went to my GP ( who is truely wonderful), although she couldn’t feel anything, and neither could I, she referred me to the Breast clinic as I was obviously not happy. In my case a very small lump was found by ultrasound ( it had not shown up on a recent mammogram) and was biopsied straight away. Unfortunately in my case it was Bc. But please remember that the vast majority of breast problems are Not Bc. Ii’ve since gone on to have a lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy (no cancerous cells found) no need for chemo, almost finished my 15 rads, 5 years of anastrozole and outlook seems very good. I’ m really glad I went to the doctor even though I was worried about wasting her time. Please do go and see your GP you’ ll only continue to worry if you don’t. Hope everything goes well for you xx

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it!

Can I ask a quick question? Did your nipple have an indent/was it retracted all the time or just when you lay down?

My nipple only does this when it is not erect and when I am lying on my back, as soon as I stand up it looks normal again.

Im really glad you’re your the road to recovery x

hi ash
you are not wasting anyones time, even if you have been examined recently i would not hesitate to go back and see your gp, tell her you are worried and be examined again. as trisha says, most of the time theres no serious problem, but theres no harm in making sure.
angie x

Hi Ash my nipple looked very slightly flattened when I was stood up but when I lay down flattened more but did not totally invert and a small dip appeared in my areola to the right of my nipple (left breast). I don’t have very protruding nipples at the best of times. Like everyone else will tell you don’t Google, your imagination will run riot, just use this site or Macmillan. Try not to worry too much, I know easier said than done, and see your GP xx

Thanks Trisha! Unfortunately too late for google though :frowning: been spending too much time today googling nipples!! Stopping it now though, I’m just worrying myself.

Will make an appointment to see my GP next week I think.

The thing I find so frustrating is that the websites (incl the NHS one) doesn’t specify the environment to which you should worry about an inverted/retracted nipple :frowning: I would have assumed that you should only be concerned if your nipple retracted/is inverted all the time (including when erect), not when it comes and goes but now I am guessing that this isn’t the case :frowning:

Hi Ash, I’m in a similar situation to you. I’m 26 and a couple of weeks ago my nipple started to flatten and dip. Now it completely retracts and has occasional discharge. I have my appt with clinic a week tues. I also have scared myself on google but trying to avoid it now!
i suggest u make Ann appt with go just to make sure x

hi, this happened to my nipple, it was as if it had sunk in, it was more obvious when i was standing, i noticed it when i was in the shower, i noticed the week before christmas, 2nd jan i was diagnosed with bc evrything moves so fast 3 months on i have had surgery and next week having chemo number 2, you need to seek medical advice rather than google x

Hi Ash1983, how are you? Have you done your check up?
I am having same situation like yours recently. I am not sure is it related to Bc?