Worried about my reconstruction

Hi; I’m 44 years old and I had a mastectomy and reconstruction to my left breast last friday.  I came home from hospital yesterday and still feel a bit consfused with how my new breast looks.  I know it’s early days and I have swelling and pain from the drain.  I was so worried to look at it but when I did I noticed it was quite dented in places. Unfortunately the nurses at the hospital were unable to reassure me and I don’t see my consultant until 6 February.  I think I am just overwhelmed with the cancer diagnosis that my emotionally I don’t seem to be able to think straight.  Has anyone else had issues with breast reconstruction using a silicone implant.

Hi Loulinen, sorry you find yourself on this site and fully understand how you’re feeling. I had my right side mastectomy on 7 Dec and had immediate reconstruction with a silicon implant. I was worried about mine when it was first done as like you it didn’t look how I’d anticipated it would. I could see dips, dents and it looked off centre. I’m now 7 weeks on, I do still have one drain in as it’s still drawing 60ml per day but the shape is much better now it’s settled. I had a lot of strapping and dressings and as these were removed / reduced it settled much better. I also felt the weight of it everytime I moved. Getting up from lying on my back was a very strange sensation and I seemed to walk round “holding” it quite a lot. Again that’s passed and now I can lie on my operation side for short periods and the other side for most of the night. 

The challenge I now have is the size difference. I was a 40E cup the implant is 600cl and I’d estimate it’s a good B cup. The plan is to reduce the other side to match, lift it and move the nipple but to be honest I’m not sure I want to put myself through more surgery. For now I’m using a softee to balance me up and will get a prosthetic when my scar is properly healed.

youve been through a huge amount, take it easy, stay strong, keep your chin up and allow yourself to heal. The swelling will reduce your muscles will relax again and then you’ll see much better how it looks. Heal swiftly xx Melanie