worried about recurrence

worried about recurrence

worried about recurrence I had Right Mastectomy Dec 2005 for high grade DCIS. Started Tamoxifen in January. I have had a bit of a rough time what with what started off to be ‘Carribean moments’ during the evening to having them practically all day. I have seen my GP about ? starting the menopause and had blood tests these show that I am peri menopausal so that accounts for that.
I have also got a fibroadenoma and microcalcification in the left breast which is being monitored. Just recently though I have noticed some dimpling in this breast in the lower inner quarter, and a feeling of heaviness in the breast and in in my arm. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms.I feel sometimes that I am being a bit of an hypochondriac and do not want to waste my GPs time for nothing .

hi lavinia you must get your breast checked if dimpling is there, as early signs means less treatment , to clear this horrible disease up do dont let it beat you , and as for doctors who cares what they thing !!!
it could be nothing but you wont no till its been checked. please think about it
good luck let me know how you get on.

Recurrence?? Hi Lavinia

You must contact your oncologists secretary and ask to be put on the next clinic as dimpling is suspicious of recurrence.

Don’t allow your consultant to fob you off, ask for a mammogram and a FNA if necessary, in other words don’t take NO for an answer, you know your own body best.

Keep us informed and best wishes