Worried about results tomorrow and treatment plan


i was diagnosed with BC last Monday, although I don’t get my stage and treatment plans until tomorrow, I have had terrible back pain and pain between my shoulders, I am so worried grump the lump may have been breeding…



You are so nearly there for your results tomorrow, Am sending you the tough pants and will be virtually by your side tomorrow.  Try and relax my dear.  What time is your appointment tomorrow


Helena xxx

Hi Yealand,


Me too, full pathology results and treatment plan tomorrow. It’s such an anxious time, not much sleep tonight for me. I find getting all my questions and thoughts on paper for the appointment really helps. Have you got someone to support you tomorrow?


Ali x



So sorry that you find yourself here.


Not long until the results.  Better to know, than all the things you are playing out in your head.  At least then you know what you’re facing, and can concentrate on the right way forward.


We’ve all been there, and understand how every slight pain feels exaggerated and makes you imagine the worst.  Try to relax a little, maybe do some mindfulness breathing exercises, where you concentrate on your breath and lower your tension levels.  I know it’s difficult, but that sometimes works for me.


I’ve recently had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsies, and am currently waiting for radiotherapy.  Once you know what’s ahead, to a degree, and as much as it can, it feels easier to deal with.  I think because you can make some practical plans, explain to people, and have a bit more idea of timescales.


We all fear the unknown, and this is such a mad, scary roller coaster anyway, but at the moment, you don’t know what path it’s taking, so it is even worse!!


Please believe that you can cope with this, and that all of the lovely ladies on here will do whatever they can to help you through it.  


Please let us know when you have your results, I will have everything crossed for you, and hope that you can get some rest tonight.


Sending love and positive vibes!






Wondering how you got on today xxx

Yealand well done on having such a positive attitude. You have a treatment plan so take each stage a step at a time. You will get there.

Big hugs,

Jo xx

Yealand out branch of debenhams have started stocking a breast care range for cancer patients that I can highly recommend…see if you have one.They’re around £18 each, no underwiring, soft and very comfortable.x

Hi Yealand,


I had a lumpectomy on 18th Jan.  I also have big boobs, similar size to you.  I bought the Marks and Spencer crossover, non wired bras.  I can recommend them, they are really comfortable, but also importantly, really supportive!  I had not worn a non wired bra for over 20 years, but I will still use them, even when fully healed, so they were value for money.


I also bought some Evans sleeper bras.  They’re in packs of two, and these have been great for nighttime because they have no hooks and eyes, or zips. 


To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about pain from your boob.  It’s tender, as you would expect, but easily manageable.  My armpit has been a bit worse, more to do with nerve disturbance than the wound itself, and I think that’s partly because they couldn’t use dye to identify my sentinel node, so had to have a bit of a rummage to find what they needed! Hopefully, you won’t be in that position. 


Good luck!