worried about results

Hello, im new on here. I was diagnosed with dcis on the 13th september, the doctor said it was dcis with 1mm invasive. I had a mx on the 12th october, my lymph nodes were clear and my mx is healing nicely. I have been to see my doctor today for the results, he said there was two invasive parts one was 2mm and the other 6mm.He said i am ER- PR- he said the HER was positive but waiting for more results. He has referred me to an oncologist as i might need chemotherepy. I feel worried and and drained. My son has hodgkins lympoma and is having chemotherepy his last treatment is next week and is doing really well. I just feel very confused and very scared about waht the doctor has said today.

Hi Angie, 


Welcome to the forum, I’m sorry you are having to go through so much at the minute and it doesn’t help when things keep changing. It’s not unusual to have a mix of DCIS and Invasive, I had it myself although I learned it the other way around, Invasive from the off and found out after that I had some DCIS.


HER2 + is treated with chemotherapy as the norm as you would be given Herceptin which is only licensed for use along side Chemo. It’s is very stressful and each appointment seems to throw up something new when you’ve only just about got your head around the previous load of information you were given! 


Im not sure what other results they would be waiting for as you have your ER, PR and HER2 back but your Oncologist will explain everything to you, it’s always a good idea to write things down as you think of them before your appointment as we can’t always remember what we wanted to say in the heat of the moment.


It will all become a little easier once you know your treatment plan, great to hear your son is doing so well, you certainly have a lot to deal with but we are always here to help Xx Jo 


Hi angie, i am sorry that you find yourself here but you have come to the right place for support.
My cancer was er+ and her2+ and was 28cm. I did have chemo first and then an mx. I had a complete response and there was no cancer left.

I think they may be waiting for more results because of the very small sizes of your invasive areas. I think my 9nc said chemo is given when the cancer is over 2cm. However with her2+ cancer, in order to get Herceptin, the targetted therapy, you need chemo too.

It must be very hard for you and especially as you are supporting your son through his treatment.

Write down any questions that you would like answered. Once you have a treatment plan you will feel more in control. Lots of love xxx

That should say 28mm not 28cm. Sorry xx