Worried about taking Letrozole & Radiotheraphy

Hello all I had good news yesterday that my results after WLE and SNB show no more surgery and margins / node are clear. I’m now to have Radiotheraphy and Letrozole tablets. I am very pleased but those around me seem like as long as Im not having chemo this next stage will be like a walk in the park. I’ve been awake all night worrying about the side effects of these drugs and would so value your experience. Would you advise asking doctor for Femara instead of the generic Actavis tablets I’ve got? Is it important to keep the same brand each time? Have you all put on loads of weight ? (I’ve worked hard to lose 4 stone since Christmas) and want to continue losing weight? Is joint pain and tiredness really bad ? Have you got hair thinning? I feel like an ungrateful wuss as I know my results are wonderful compared to what some of you have had to go thro but I almost feel annoyed with my loved ones who seem to think I’m now “cured” and I’m worried about taking these tablets. I’ve been lucky that I’ve gone thro menopause and the only symptom I had was my periods stopped - and now these tablets are going to change my life totally. I’m so sorry to whinge but feel down today x

Hello Helenrose,


I’m sure that you will get other replies to your queries as I know that there are a great many people on Letrozole but as I am now at the end of my 5 years of Letrozole I thought I would pass on how I got on.


The most important thing to remember is that everyone is different, not everyone get the side effects associated with Letrozole.


I started Letrozole in 2009, back then I could get Femara because the generics weren’t available and thinking back to then apart from the problem with a dry mouth I don’t really remember any other side effects. I certainly lost weight in the early months as I had previously had 5 years of Tamoxifen and had put on a good stone I suppose and the comfort eating during rads and chemo didn’t help before that. The generics are proving a problem to some people but I found Teva is the best.


I did have major problems with a dry mouth, I think being on another drug called for nerve pain, amitriptyline which also caused a dry mouth, didn’t help and I was later diagnosed with Burning Mouth Syndrome with is caused by a lack of oestrogen so that proved Letrozole was working.


The aches and pains mainly stiffness really didn’t really start until 2 years ago and I have found going out for walks a couple of times a day helps, keeping moving really.


One thing that I have found is that I was getting stressed very easily, so much so that I got acid reflux and found everything annoyed or worried me . Now I felt that only I could sort this out really and I bought a book/cd called Mindful Meditation and I listen to it 10mins of that every day I have felt so much better, it has been so helpful, calming and I have listened to it if I cannot sleep at night and I soon nod off.


I know you will get loads of helpful advice but please give the drug a try and try not to worry.



Thank you Hazel - this has reassured me alot. What will be will be and I’ll deal with things if and when they happen - no good looking for trouble. Going to try a relaxation class next week to learn some techniques Best wishes x