Worried about Taxotere

I have posted this for new user Lin
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I have just had 2nd FEC with one more to go.Couldn’t face waiting for hair to fall out so I had it shaved off. I have little Lymphodema in my right arm but concerned about next three Taxotere treatments.Any comments would be appreciated.


Dear Lin

Welcome to the forums. We have written a booklet about lymphoedema which I thought you may find helpful to read whilst you await comments from your fellow forum users about your next treatment. You can read or download it from this link:


If you need a chat to someone for advice and further information at any time please feel free to call our helpline, it opens in the morning at 9am until 5pm (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm) on tel number 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Lin

Well have to admit, i sailed through 3 x FEC without any problems, but the taxotere is definitely so much worse. Don’t wanna scare you, but you may as well know, and remember, that everyone is different though and react differently. The first tax hit me or six, felt like had done ten rounds with mike tyson, although partly my fault, as I didn’t rest or slow down, carried on as normal going out with my 2 little children to playgroups etc. My whole body was full of aches and pains, and my mouth was yuk, get oral thrush and ulcers. But didn’t stop me eating I have to say.

Tax no.2 was the same, although I learnt my lesson and did rest so much more, listened to my body and stayed in for about 5 days not doing too much. Unfortunately I got a bad cold and cough and as immune system smashed to pieces I ended up in hospital for a week on antibiotics. But was a nice rest in the end,

Tax no.3 was reduced by 20% to help my body cope with it. The aches and pains actually this time were so much less, although mouth still yuk. I have got another chest infection, but had emergency blood test yesterday and docs appointment and as temp ok, given oral antibiotics. So far so good too. Hopefully avoided hospital this time.

I don’t wanna scare you, but I prefer to know all side effects in advance so I know. Just listen to your body and make sure you rest for 4/5 days at least after tax. Keep away from anyone with infections as much as you can, and don’t sit in crowded waiting rooms. I promise you it is doable, hard, but doable and you will get through it. I have and I am a coward. Also, if you feel the slightest bit unwell or out of sorts, take your temperature and if above 37.5 call the chemo ward. I missed the signs on tax. no2 so my neutropenic levels went seriously low, but if I had taken my temp 2 days earlier, when i did feel out of sorts, would have probably not been so bad.

Please let me know I haven’t worried you and how you are too. I promise you will ge through it, but it is tough. If you read some of the threads on here you will see we all suffer, but we all get through it and with the support on here, it will help you.

take care

Hi Lyn

I can only ditto Dawn,

I am still feeling knocked out, I had Tramadol for the pain, big mistake. I have been hallucinating. Still feel yuk a week later.

Sorry but just to warn you really.