Worried about these symptoms and pimple?

Hi I have had some burning pain in my left breast over the last few days. It is also painful if I press on my sternum so it could also be Costochondritis perhaps. I went to a and e on Tuesday as it was painful and I was worried and GP would be 3 weeks. They examined me and said they could also feel no lumps and to try ice and painkillers and go to doctor is no better in a week. The Ice and painkillers have helped. They is no lumps I can feel on the breasts or lymph glands etc. I have spots/pimples between my breasts and down my stomach and also a couple on my right breast. I have been putting antiseptic cream on them last two days. I guess with the pain I was just concerned about it. Has anyone else had this at all? I have been waiting for the the GP to call me since this morning. I am 40 thank you. 

The photo is of the same pimple. I have similar ones between the breast and down my stomach as well.