Worried again. Appoinment on friday

I had a sub areola duct excision in December after having a breast infection that wouldn’t go away, red hot burning pain, inverted nipple and spontaneous blood stained nipple discharge. From the patholgy was diagnosed with duct ectasia. Have had on and off burning pain since but put it down to the wound healing. I decided to ring the clinic on thursday as over the past week or so, i have been getting the exact burning pain i had before my operation. The pain is constant and wont go away, the dimpling that was caused by the infection has got worse and the thickening has also got thicker however my breast is shrinking? There is at least 1 cups difference. The glands in my armpit are also up. I don’t understand why this is happening, as initially it was milk ducts causing the problem.They have all been removed, so am worried all over again. Am relieved the breast clinic have arranged to see me so quickly. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

You have done the right thing, by contacting them and going back to see them. I am sure that if they were that concerned they would have seen you earlier. I have found that seeing the GP does help aswell, so why not book an appt aswell, all details would have been sent through to them and then if you have any concerns in the future (after this time) if you have to wait for a clinic appt, you could also book with GP to discuss


Thank you for your reply sylviah. 4 years ago i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, been cancer free for 3 years but received a high dose of radiotherapy through a capsule. One of the risks is develoing certain 2nd primary cancers. I am currently waiting on bowel surgery after having an abnormal proctogram. I will book into see my GP. He has been fantastic and he offered to refer me a 2nd opinion after being diagnosed with duct ectasia as its rare in non smokers and normally occurs in older women that are menopausal. I have just turned 37, dont smoke and not going through the menopause. I turned the 2nd opinion down as i was put on a watch and wait for 3 months. Hopefully it will be nothing to worry about and its just the side effects of the surgery that are causing the problems xx