Worried…. Again

Hello all, 

I am waiting for my lumpectomy and snb which was scheduled for 26th august, I had my pre op Wednesday just gone however the waiting list team at the hospital called me an hour ago and said they have a cancellation so I can have surgery this Thursday instead if I am free. 
I am glad my op has been brought forward but now I am sat here analysing everything worrying incase something bad showed up in my pre op blood tests so they have moved my appointment forward.

why am I doing this to myself?! 

@tweenie  - it’s very normal to worry just before an op and for your mind to go into overdrive, so don’t beat yourself up for doing that - but see if you can instead park the worries in a box, then set aside a “worry time”, perhaps 3-4pm. That was an exercise my counsellor gave me - easier to write than do, but worth a try in order to stop the worries taking over your life.

Also, I’m not medical and can’t quite remember what tests they do at the pre-op, but from what I recall I think it is just routine checks to make sure you are fit enough for surgery. If they found something unusual in your bloods I would have expected surgery to have been delayed until you were well enough, not brought forward. Also I very much doubt that your team would hide anything bad from you - so from what I see in your message my view is that there has simply been a cancellation and they called you as you are next on the list.

If you are still worried do try to call your BC nurse, or the nurses on here to chat things through. Or I’m very happy to chat more if I can help at all by listening.

I’m sending you big hugs and strength for your op this week, and also for the waiting time. Now is the time for lots of self kindness, treats and doing what makes you feel good. Evie xx


Hi, ….if it’s any comfort my surgery was moved forward by 2 weeks simply because of a cancellation, I was glad to get it over and done with that bit sooner.

Trouble is when we feel anxious and worried we read bad meaning into everything, an entirely natural reaction.

Be kind to yourself over next few days. Sending good wishes x