worried again

Hi there,
I have a lump in my right breast and my GP has referred me to the breast clinic. My appointment is on Thursday and I am worried.
I had a scare 3 years ago when my right nipple inverted but was told it was OK after the biopsy. I had told my friends and family and felt really guilty that I had worried everyone for nothing so this time I have only told my husband.
I really feel I want to tell other people but dont want to worry them for nothing again.
I know I sound like a drama queen but I need to talk to someone. My husband doesnt say anything unless I mention it. I think he is scared of upsetting me or just thinks it will be nothing again.
I would be grateful for any advice.

hi new here found a lump on sunday now waiting 4 app at breast clinic n wondered if anyone has had treatment at hulls cas hill as was wondering wat to expect at first app also how long dos it take 4 the results. scared n finding it hard not to worry trying to keep busy with kids but thinkin about it all the time thanks x

The anxieties you are feeling are perfectly normal, waiting for appointments are always very difficult.

If you feel it would help to discuss your feelings, please feel free to call our Helpline. They’re great listeners and can direct you to other sources of help and support too.

They are on 0808 800 6000 and are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday.

Best wishes.

Louise, Facilitator

Such a difficult time for you both, as everyone says the waiting is the worst time ever, your brain goes into overdrive and no matter how hard you try to forget about it, it keeps popping into your head! Keep posting with any questions you have and try to keep busy (easier said than done), big hugs and fingers crossed for you, take care xx

I had my appointment at the breast clinic today and felt it was a waste of time.
The consultant asked me some questions then examined my breasts and said he would send me for a mamogram and ultrasound, but I will have to wait for an appointment to come through the post. I cant believe that I have waited 2 weeks for this appointment only to have the same examination that my GP did.
I am going on holiday next Wednesday and was hoping to know whether I have BC or not but i guess I will have to wait.
I still havent told anyone except my husband but i’m finding it hard to concentrate at work.
Thanks for listening

saw consultant today who after examinin me drew on me n sent me 4 mama ultrasound n biopsy took few samples from breast n pit then more waiting to b told its bad news looks very much like breast cancer but got to wait 4 bi results to no wat action/treatment to take i no they need results 2 no 4 def but by wat he said n how he said it i no i def have it got to wait up to 2 weeks now 4 results n if not heard by 4 to get in touch think hes havin a laff if not heard in 4 weeks get in touch il b fonin in 2 if iv not heard never bl**dy mind 4 dont they realise how stressfulit is waitin to find out wat happens next thanks 4 listening x

lI have an appointment on 5th October for mammagram and ultrasound because I have a lump in my breast.
I have a pain in my collarbone area which has been there for 4 days now and I am worried that it could be something to do with my lymph glands. I know this sounds like paranoia but I cant help it.

Can anyone give me any advice please