Worried and feeling abit lost

Hi . Im 32 , single mum of 3. I found a lump about 6 weeks ago in my right breast, but kind of pushed it to the back of mind. Its hard, a little bigger than a pea- doesnt hurt at all- doesnt move around, feels like its attached to the muscle underneath my skin if that makes sense.You can feel it through my top. I have had friends with lumps but theyve wiggled around or been sore this is different.
I got the nerve up to see the Gp and went Wednesday- he felt it straight away and referred me to hospital- going next Friday am- My great gran died of breast cancer but theres no other history in my family.
I have a boyfriend who doesnt live with me but hes ‘not very good’ with poorliness ! And to be honest im worried that it will scare him away so havent told him as yet. I think im extra worried as i had severe dyskariosis of the cervix and had that treated approx 3 years.
I dont know how im to stop worrying for the next week.


Welcome to the BCC Forum. I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer you some support.

You could also give our Helpline a call to talk things over. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. The number is 0808 800 6000. All calls are free and confidential.

I have also attached a link to one of our publications which tells you what you can expect at your clinic appointment. I thought you might find this helpful.

Take care

Very best wishes


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Hi thank you for your reply- yes I called at Lunchtime the lady was really helpful- much more so than my GP- I just dont know of anyone that has had one that has been like mine which worries me more- my friends have had painful ones and wiggly ones and discharge, mines none of those just hard. Any reassurance is nice, thanks again

hi fredai i went to my gp yesterday with a dull ache in my right breast and i couldnt feel a lump as being big up top its hard to tell. i lay down and as soon as she pressed she found it, she referred me and within 10 minutes of leaving the doctors i got a call from the hospital with an appointment on the 21st. im only 27 but i have a large family history of breast cancer my mum had it when she died age 41 so allsorts of things are going thru my mind.
Hopefully all will be ok keep me posted on how your going if you eed any one to talk to im here

Hi mrs gearing- thanks for replying- I was quite large 2 but have lost 2 stone in the last few months so wonder if it has been here longer- I’ve had family members with cysts that have been removed but thankfully all have been benign - I imagine your very frightened - my partner is like stay positive and I know he’s right but it’s my body and I can’t help think the worst-apparently the one stop clinics are very good- have you got someone to go with you? That’s my next issue I don’t want people to worry or make a fuss and woul rather go alone as I don’t want to waste people’s time Ian’s I’m scared ill fall to bits if its bad news. Let me know how you get on x

Hi freda sorry you find yourself with this worry… most people at the one stop clinic dont have cancer so please please do not feel you are wasting peoples time… Your GP wouldnt have referred you if he thought it didnt need investigated by a specialist so please do go to your appointment and take somebody with you.

Yes people may fuss but maybe thats a better option of having somebody fussing and it turning out to be benign than being all alone when its something and you need support and a second pair of ears.

fingers crossed its just a benign lump though… And you too mrs gearing (if only person with BC or ov ca in your family was mum and if you knew if she developed it under 40 then you might get early screening from about 35-40)
lulu xx

Thanks lulu- yes I think your right. Ill ask my partner I have to go straight into work afterwards so will be nice to be able to share the outcome with someone first. Just trying to stay positive! Have a job interview tomorrow so using that to distract me x

This week has been the longest ever- I called the hospital and they told me that because of my age they’ll do an ultrasound and if and if it’s a cyst they’ll drain it I anything else they will do a biopsy . Then ill be called back next Wednesday for any results . I feel a little better knowing what’s going on. I got the job - dont know how I was terrible but it was a good distraction- re my lump I found it about 7 weeks ago- but over last 3 months I’ve lost a stone and half so am wondering if its been there longer but have only noticed after losing weight?

Appointment tomorrow- have googled- prob shouldn’t have and it sounds like fat necrosis so I’ve everything crossed its that- haven’t slept am so grumpy and feel terrible as I’m losing patience with the kids

Big hugs and all the best for tomorrow. Do not google! (Anymore) I’m sure we’re all guilty of it. xxxx I had the weirdest sensation of my boob buzzing yesterday, so had to look that up. Fortunately it was something and nothing

I’m trying! I think if I think te worst then whatever they say can’t actually be that bad? If that makes sense. I woke up this morning after about 2 hours sleep and thought it had gone- then I sat up and it was there again. I mean is that normal?

I keep checking, thinking has it gone? Am I imagining it? Is it really there or is the dr just bored and sending people along to clinics because she can?

My boyfriends just been for tea- it’s defo still there- he said it felt smaller I think he’s trying to make me feel better- I’ve told him not to he used to a roast every week nighoven just trying to occupy myself !


Outside clinic- it isn’t open yet- I wish I brought someonow with me now- it’ll tests will be over in a few hours

XXX all the best for today xxx

All the best for today, been thinking of youxx