worried and very anxious

Hi as you know i had a skin punch biopsy for IBC when i got the dreaded results last week, and waiting for the result, ive been reading about IBC and i found out the prognosis was not good for this, so of course ive been anxious and panicky ever since, my breast surgeon/consultant said that she don’t think it is but did a punch biopsy anyway to rule it out, my breast nurse rang me this morning to see how i was getting on and i told her of my worry, she echoed what my surgeon said saying that she don’t think it is IBC and wrote a letter to my G.P. saying this too (this is what my bcn said to me) started to feel a bit better until i asked what the prognosis was for IBC and she said its not very good im afraid, i then said …so this is a death sentence for me and she said no it isn’t, confused??? is an understatement for me, then to cap it off a’ so called friend’ said  ooh the prognosis is dire for IBC …thats me straight back into panic mode again, now i really am thinking im only going to live for 5 more years or less …confused and very very scared now  

what i was trying to say was i got my cancer diagnosis on the 13th jan which is grade 3 invasive ductal cancer ER+ HER2- …Im waiting now for the punch biopsy to see if i have IBC …thought id clarify as didn’t explain properly

Gosh you really have been though the mill haven’t you. I can understand why you’re so worried. I don’t know much about inflammatory breast cancer so not much help really. 
But to me the fact your oncologist said that they dont think it is ibc is positive.
Have you considered asking for something short term to help with the anxiety? 
sending hugs