worried and waiting for appointment

I’m 38 and over the past few weeks have had blood coming out of left nipple - from the one spot just. I went to the dr and although she says she’s not worried has referred me to breast clinic but she says I’ll have a 4-8 week wait. argh.

it started as just the odd bit of blood I noticed was dried in the morning but seems to be getting more frequent. Not that I’m squeezing but it doesn seem to ooze out quite easily. Now my left underarm is itchy but there are no lumps at all. well just something that looks like an ingrown hair. And my left shoulder is sore when I move it - just the top near the collarbone. I’m tired too (but that’s probably just looking after kids!).

I was on the pill for about 20 years on and off and have endometriosis. don’t know if that has a factor at all. My mum’s mum had breast cancer aged in her early 60s.

it just seems a very loooooooong time to wait for an appointment. In the meantime I must stop googling things!

Hiya Fairylights,
That wait is quite long. I thought it was a target that once you are referred to a breast clinic you should be seen within 2 weeks. I know i was. I guess not all hospitals can fulfil that. I am pleased your GP took you seriously and referred you.
As for the tests themselves if you need them, they are quite strightforward. I had a mammogram, ultrasound and core biospy. None of them hurt and were quite routine. Unfortunately i was actually diagnosed with cancer in Feb this year at 36. One thing i will say is that my tumour didnt show up on the mammogram as my breast tissue was too dense so dont be worried if they do ask you to have an ultrasound. It may well be nothing bad. They can also see cysts etc on the ultrasound and will look for those too - it just helps them get a better look.
I do hope you get on ok. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Hi Rae
Thanks for reply. Still waiting for appt! Still oozing! however other issue was just shaving issue underarm that’s cleared up. Shoulder still sore to move. I’m in Scotland so don’t know if the target is the same here? Thanks for info about what happens, v useful. Hope your treatment is going well. x

Hello fairylights

You know the waiting game is the hardest one we have to play. Its because it gives our heads lots of opportunity to project all sorts of scenarios and imaginings, nonr of them ever positive.

The majority of breast abnormalities such as lumps, oozing etc are benign and caused by other conditions. I was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with breast cancer in January this year and one of my symptoms was an oozing nipple which i had ignored for over a year. So well done for going to your GP promptly. There was no blood for me, it was a thicky clear ooze, just like golden syrup.

In terms of pain, in the early stages breast cancer isn’t really painful but some women do experience a downward dragging sensation in their breast.

It is so hard not to worry but you know, worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps you moving but gets you nowhere.

You may find it helpful to speak to one of the breast care advisors on this site or alternatively, Macmillan. The helpline numbers are on the home pages of their respective websites.

Good luck and try and stay just in your day.

Pixie xx

Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you, and hope the wait isn’t too fraught. Come here and ask any question, or just come for reassurance. xx

Thanks to both Char and Pixie. I like the rocking chair idea - so true!
The only other thing I’ve noticed is that the boob with the discharge has got a bit bigger too - not like time of the month when both a bit bigger just that one - overspilling bra at the top of cup . The sensible bit of me thinks if the dr didn’t rush me through and that it is just blood all the time - never clear or golden then it’s probably ok. The not so rational bit thinks - well how does the dr know from just looking?! But Pixie, you’re right - I’ll try to live in the day and stop waiting for the post everyday. Thanks ladies x

where do you live in scotland ?
I was referred to the glasgow royal infirmary within 2 weeks

Hi Mckenzie, Referral to Victoria I think. So still in your area.

Hi fairylights,
Go back to GP or phone and demand an earlier apointment.
You should be seen in scotland within 2 weeks if over 35 yrs.
Simply for your own piece of mind.
you’ll be ok.

Hi McKenzie, thanks - I’ll give them a call on Monday. Hope you get on ok with your referral and results are good. x

Hi Fairylights,
Hope u are ok ?, Let me know how you get on tomorrow.
The waiting is a nightmare but last time i had a scare 4 yrs( aged 37 yrs) i was nearer going off my head with worry.But this time i would say iam ok.Which in its self worries me just in case it is cancer.

Hi Blackpool lass and welcome to the BCC forums

I am posting a link to the ‘Worried about breast cancer’ information on this site which you may find helpful:


Our helpline is open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

Take care


Hi I am waiting for an appointment too…in 2000 I had a mammogram at my request because my Mother had breast cancer at that age…I was told I had a fibroidanemona and it would just go of its own accord.

I turned 50 on Tuesday and yesterday I noticed a lump in the lower part of my right breast and my nipple area is slightly puckered…I am now worried

thanks Lucy for your help

sorry to be a nuscance I had my appointment yesterday…mammogram, ultrasound and FNA now awaiting the results…

The site were they did the FNA is slightly bruised and sore (which I expected) but has swollen an awful lot…is this normal?