Worried & anxious

Feeling so nervous it’s unbearable!

I’m 29 and 2 weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast. I’ve never been great at checking but this appeared quote quickly. I’ve seen the gp & been to breast clinic. I’m now waiting for my biopsy results and I have an appt on Tuesday. Feels like a life time. The main thing that concerned me is that they biopsy from the lump & the lymph nodes. I didn’t know if this was protocol or what.
The consultant said it’s more Then likely a benign lump, a phylodes Tumor but they can’t rule anything sinister out at the moment.the lump basically showed calcification around it.

So worried ; the wait in unbearable.



Hello and welcome to the forum


This is the worst time when you are waiting for results. There are a lot of benign conditions that it can be and taking a biopsy does not mean that it is cancerous but it is good that they are being thorough in checking it.  Try as much as possible to distract yourself and please do not google generally on the internet as there is a lot of out of date and misinformation on there.


We are all here for you so come on here whenever you need and we will get you through the next week.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx



Hugs hunni I am waiting for my clinic appt on Monday and going out of my mind x

Hi Helena,

Thank you for your kind message. It’s so nice to hear from people who have been through/going through the same thing. The clinic was a scary time but this wait for results is unbearable.

Trying to stay positive & keep busy. But it’s hard not to think about the worst :frowning: xxx

Hi there. Thinking of you pipchick whilst you wait for your appt. Hope it goes well xxx

I tried going to clinic today as I work in the hospital but they were in mdt so they couldn’t tell me anything. This is so hard xx

Thanks Helena.

I already have an appt next Tuesday but I was just being inpatient I think. Xx

Hi all. I am absolutely devastated. I came out of work today with a text messages for genetics testing. I haven’t even had a formal diagnosis yet. I literally have no words - so unethically wrong. I’m besides myself x

Thanks for your reply. I’ve spoken to the breast care nurse. My appt is tomorrow. Basically they have a treatment plan for me but I was on my own driving when I called & I didn’t want to know more. So scary xxxx