worried awaiting results

Hi I’m new to the forum. I’m 26 and I found a lump in my left breast about 6 months ago whilst pregnant followed by another in my armpit. I mentioned this to my midwife who said it was just a blocked duct and would clear once baby was here. I later told my breastfeeding consultant because my baby refused that side but she confirmed what the midwife had said.
At my 8 week post natal appointment I told my gp because it still hadn’t gone. She said that it was most likely a blocked duct too but referred me to the breast clinic just to confirm her suspicions. I got my appointment through a couple of days later for yesterday.
I saw the consultant who examined me and also reassured me that it felt like nothing but that they may have to drain the milk from that breast. I then went into the ultrasound to be told that it isn’t a blocked duct at all but a solid mass which needed biopsy. I had 6 biopsy on 3 lumps.
When I went back in to see the consultant he suddenly changed his mind said it might be cancer, how long was I planning on breastfeeding for, and that I had to come back in a week for the results. There were 2 cancer care nurses in the room and I was given the impression that the diagnosis was already fairly conclusive but my husband disagrees.
I don’t know of I am making a mountain out of a mole hill and it’s normal procedure to talk about cancer treatments this early on. Not sure how I’m going to get through this week.

Hi Kate … No words will stop you from worrying but your not alone , this site has been a great help to me , lots of experience and knowledge to be shared .
I’ve just had my first breast check and was only expecting a feel and a few leaflets , I had 2 mammograms , ultra sound and 3 biopsys , the radiographer said I had a mass and thickening nodes . I’ve been waiting 10 days and still no results . It’s hard waiting but whatever the outcome I will deal with it , and so will you with the love and support for everyone around you xx Jan

Thanks Jan. I hope you are put out of your misery soon! I am feeling much better today than yesterday, I think I was in shock because I truly believed it would be nothing and we were just crossing it off the list of possibilities

Hi Kate89

So sorry you find yourself on this site.  The waiting is really the worst part. We have all been through it no matter our age or circumstances it feels the same. It is hard not to ‘fill the gaps’ or ‘join the dots’. I was only recounting to my OH this evening that the worst, very worst, was when I attended the first appointment on my own which included examination, mammogram, US and biopsies on my own as I was confident that nothing was amiss to see clearly after mammogram and in US room that all was not OK… I cant change that appt or feeling but I can deal with all that has come since. I now feel, after bi lateral surgery, having also declined chemo (long story) and about to start radiotherapy and hormone treatment that I am in control at this very moment.  And all we can do is live in the moment.

I so wish you all the best and please feel free to ask anything or PM if you wish.

Warmest wishes




Thanks katie. Luckily my husband insisted on taking me for my appointment because I would have been in no state to drive myself home so I can’t imagine how you managed x

Hi Kate and welcome to the BCC forums
I am sorry to read that you have this worry, along with the support you have found here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your concerns over, they are on hand with practical and emotional support for you. Lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC

I went on my own , my OH played golf … He feels very guilty now … Think I’m going to milk this one lol
Jan xx

I almost went alone and would have done if it wasn’t for my 9 week old daughter needing someone to watch her But I’m very grateful that my husband insisted on coming with me.

Does anyone else feel guilty? I feel terrible that my family are having this worry too. My husband made me tell my parents so that they are prepared if it is bad news but I can’t help but feel bad for upsetting them.

I now have mastitis as a result of swelling after the biopsy. I’m going to the doctors today so I can start a course of antibiotics so if it is bad news Thursday I won’t have an infection.
Any news yet Jan? Thinking of you x

Oh no , as if you don’t have enough to worry about … The oncologist is ringing me this afternoon … My kitchen has been scrubbed and scrubbed again ? xx

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you x

Feeling confused … I rang the hospital this morning , the oncologists secretary said my results were in but she wasn’t authorised to give me them , she said the lead nurse who would deal with them was on holiday, and she would get the oncologist to ring me this afternoon. I immediately rang my docs and asked if they could request the results to be faxed over to quicken the process . She said she would and get a doc to call me this afternoon …
I’ve spent all day stressing , no call from the oncologist … My docs rang at 6.30pm , a locum doctor , has no knowledge of my recent appointments at the breast clinic , asked me what I’d had done there and just said the biopsy looks normal … I asked all 3 biopsys?she said she didn’t know and I should wait for the hospital to contact me !!! I asked again for reassurance and she said just says normal !!
I don’t want to sound ungrateful but did she know what she was talking about ??
I have a lump and thickening axillery nodes ?? Is that normal ?? I asked if there was any follow up will I need more checks , she couldn’t say . My other breast isn’t the same so I’d say that one was normal !!!
I can feel my left breast isn’t right ,it’s painful , it feels hard at the side near the armpit , lower down from that at 2 o’clock there’s a lump … Is that it ? Will I not need more tests , investigation ? What if it is cancer … Why have I got something going on with my body which is classed as normal ???
I feel like I’m in limbo still even though ive just been told it’s normal !!
Am I being irrational ?? Jan x

Oh no that’s rubbish! I would think normal was good? Maybe try ringing the cancer care nurse tomorrow, they can read your notes and inform you properly about what’s going on. So sorry you’ve been left like this x

Hi Katie and Jan
Sorry you are both going through this. The waiting is truly awful. I hope you get some answers soon Jan.

I am 24 Katie and although I don’t have kids I can relate to a lot of what you’ve said… I didn’t expect anything to come of going to the clinic so went on my own… When they said they were treating my lump seriously and cancer survival rates are high i burst out crying outside the consultants room!!! I couldn’t believe it. Its not on our radar at our age. I can relate to the guilt of putting everyone through the stress & the feeling of making a mountain out of a mole hill (you’re not!!! Its a blimmin stressful wait)… My mum told the whole family before I knew it but please be assured if its a false alarm everyone will be relieved and not annoyed you told them about it!

Hoping for the best news for both of you. & If it is cancer there’s lots of options for treatments and it will be curable!!! Lots of lovely ladies here for support, hopefully you wont need support with this worry much longer!! Xxxx

Hi hannah thanks for your reply. I was so convinced that it was nothing because I had been told that it was on so many occasions, I burst into tears when I was told they had to do a biopsy.
I have been surprising calm the last couple of days but my husband is finding it difficult. Only 1 more day to get through before I get some answers and a plan if I need one.
Did you get any more clarity Jan? X

I’ve got a copy of my biopsy results and it says B1 normal , thank god !!!
Ive still not had any discussion with any medical person as regards monitoring this . Nor any answers as to why the lump is there along with thickened lymph nodes at the area .
I’m going to make a appointment with my GP to discuss my concerns with then and my HRT . I’m disgusted with our local breast clinic as they have not contacted me regards theses results I had to beg my GP to request a fax so I could get my results . Surely there should be some sort of process for even for those with a good result , I’ve been through the mill these last two weeks and a range of thoughts & emotions , who is giving me information or reassurance … No one !! It’s terrible , we’ve had a turmatic time, mini surgical procedures, the waiting … And yet I feel left high and dry without any answers as what to do now … Xx

Sounds terrible Jan please consider an official complaint?
Glad to hear some good news though on the cancer front :smiley: make sure u celebrate xx

Oh Jan that’s terrible, but fantastic news that you’re all clear! Hopefully your gp will be more helpful.
I have convinced myself that mine is bad news but I’m OK with that, not sure I will feel the same this time tomorrow.

Just have to make it until 3:30 today. Have been up feeling sick but not sure if that was alcohol related or because of the antibiotics.

I have breast cancer. Am looking at a mastectomy and clearing lymph nodes. May the madness commence