Worried, been referred!

Hi all
Im new to the forum.
Bit of a back story. About 4 yrs ago found a pea sizes lump in the back of my neck, doctor assured me it was nothing to worry about. It is now marble sized.
About march last year i felt a ropey mass in my right breast at the top i wasnt very concerned at the time & forgot all about it, stupid i know.

Fast forward to this week. Yesterday i came across it again & decided i needed to see the doctor
She examined both breasts & spent the most time on my right.
Asked me where my concern was, she agreed she felt it too. She said she deals with a lot of BC & is 99% certain that mine is not BC & feels like fibrosis?
But has referred me as i need to know 100% its not BC, since then i have found a hard pea sized lump on the side of my right breast, she didnt mention this to me & now im sick with worry.

Im also concerned that the neck lump is connected? I expect everyone feels like i am right now but i just cannot concentrate on anything.
Im 38, with very poorly controlled type 2 diabetes

Sorry to ramble xx

Hi Dotty,
The important thing is you have been referred, so all of your breast symptoms will be looked at at the clinic. It’s not possible for us to conjecture on symptoms, as there can be a multitude of reasons for any breast change & fortunately, bc is the most unlikely.
There’s nothing more you can do now & feeling anxious as you describe, is how we all feel prior to appointments.
It can help with the wait to carry on as normal & distract yourself by keeping busy.
ann x

Thank you for your replies ladies ?
I am under the 2 week rule, i have my appointment on monday at 9:15.
Today i am feeling more positive :slight_smile: I have noticed the night sweats are also a symptom which ive had for some time now
Also alot of pain in the affected breast which has been on & off for a while but at least my appointment is soon so i should know more x

@dotty80 wish you all the best for your appointment on Monday! My one is on Thursday and I’m bricking it.