Worried for Mum

My Mum was diagnosed in 2005 with DCIS. She had a mastectomy but no further treatment was needed as her cancer was such a low grade and the believed it not to have spread to her lymph nodes (they were tested).

Now 3 years later she has just been diagnosed with bone cancer in her knee. We are awaiting test results from MRI and CT scan which she will get tomorrow but her oncologist is almost certain it is secondary from her DCIS.

My poor Mum has been in such a bad way. She has been suffering from excruciating knee pain for the last 6 months. She underwent surgery for another diagnosis back in July but this didn’t improve things, hence they did further tests and found the cancer. SInce then she has found the pain unbearable to live with. She has also been getting other symptoms as well, such as she has almost lost the use of her right hand, her speech is slurred, her mind is all over the place and she is so forgetful and confused. She wakes up with a headache every day and gets shooting pains in her head on a regular basis. She is very depressed and gets angry with herself all the time for being so useless.

I am so worried that cancer has gone to her brain as well and what that will mean. I just wondered whether any one else had experienced these symptoms as well. Could it just be the pain and stress which is causing this? I am so scared for her and for myself and my family, I don’t know how we would ever get by without her if the worst were to happen. I find it so upsetting seeing her suffering like this and I’m worried that she is too depressed and tired to fight it.

I know everyone on here is so brave and will tell me I should not be thinking the worst. I know I need to be positive and wait and see what the results bring in tomorrow. I just feel so helpless.

Thank you for listening.

SunnyBear x

Dear Sunnybear, welcome to the BCC forums where you will receive support and information here from your fellow users. I am sorry to read that you and your Mum are going through such a difficult time and wanted to let you both know about our helpline. The helpline is open mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2, the staff are either breast care nurses or have had experience of breast cancer themselves and are there to offer a ‘listening ear’, support and information.

Best wishes

Dear Sunnybear,

i’m so sorry to hear your mum’s news.

It is hard not to think the worst, especially when you see them going through so much pain, i dont know about you but my mum has changed as a person, as her daughter to see this it’s heart breaking.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she had a mastectomy followed by Chemo and Rad, but in August and Sept this year within a space of 4 weeks my mum had 2 tumours removed from the left hand side of her brain. She has recently finished Rad again on her brain, this has caused her hair to fall out and she is besides herself with worry.

My mum’s symptoms were double vision, severe headaches, forgetting things and people, her balance went which caused her to collasps.

She has recently had a body scan which has shown up some type of shadow on her chest and is due to go further tests.

Please feel free to contact me, even if it’s for you to let it off your chest.

Try to keep your chin up xxx

Thanks Tinks05. I have just replied to your own post so I won’t write again on here Xx