Worried-Found new lump 4 years on-referred for tests

Hi to all

I am exactly 4 years post my original lump, MX and recon, but now have felt an area in my remaining breast that I am not sure was there before, if you know what I mean. It feels different from the first lump, but hubby made me go to docs to be on the safe side and he has referred me to the breast clinic to be have further tests to make sure it isn’t anything nasty. So now I am waiting for an appointment.

Must admit to being a bit worried as all the old feelings have come back.

I am sure in my mind that this time it is nothing, but the waiting is going to be the hard part I know.

I just wanted to share with people who understand, as I don’t want to worry the family for nothing.

Thanks for listening.

Deborah x

So sorry you are having to go through this all again - fingers crossed it is nothing to worry about. Let us know how you get on.
finty xx

Thanks for your kind words Finty. I will let you know how I get on. I know many people get good news, and I am feeling positive.

Love Deborah x

Waaah! Really feel for you.

I had WLE last Jan but half way through rads I found another lump in other boob. Told the onc at review session and was referred back to surgeon. Thanks to mix up and / or lost post, I did not get the appointment letter so was jibbering idiot for a month. Rung BCN and she got me in the following week. After mammogram and ultrasound they decided there was nothing to worry about.

However, I guess deep down I am still worried.

Hope yours is OK - waiting the second time around was for me much worse than the first, although it should be easier as you know what to expect.

good luck

Don´t forget Deborah , 80% of breast lumps are not cancerous .
Difficult not to worry because you´ve been there before . Really hope you get your appointment through soon , and that you have good news to tell us .
thinking of you , Kris

Really sorry you have to go through this, and heres hoping that you get a quick appt and the news is good for you. It is the hardest part the waiting for the appt etc, so lots of hugs to you and wish you all the best.
Folk here have been really supportive to me and will be to you too :slight_smile:

Thanks Jenny, Kris and Sarah.

The support on here means a lot to me, as people really know how it feels.

I am trying to be positive, but I know I will not rest till I have an answer.

I will post as soon as I have news, hopefully good, and let you know.

Best wishes to everyone who finds themselves in this position too.

Love Deborah x

So sorry you are having to worry about this hope you soon get your appointment and that it is good news,

Im sorry you have found yourself in this posistion again cant imagine what your goin through i am having surgery in 3 weeks having one of my bust off i think all the time what ifs its my worst nightmare so i no you will worry i hope everything goes good for you keep in touch

Hi Deborah

So sorry you find youself in this position and as we all know the waiting is the worse!! I do hope you get your appointment soon and that it turns out to be nothing. Let us know how you are and you have come to the right place.

Lots of love Anne x

Hi Deborah
Last week I was in exactly the same position.I will be 4yrs post dx on Oct 6th.My GP found an area of ‘thickening’ in my good breast and referred me at once.My surgeon examined me and said it felt like ‘normal rather fibrous breast tissue’.Then he suggested bringing my 4 year mammo forward.It was clear.I was so relieved but I know exactly how you feel.You have just allowed yourself to think everything might be ok then that cold,sinking terror comes creeping back.There is every probability that you too will be absolutely fine.I just wanted to offer a hand to hold while you wait.
Love Valxx

Hello Deborah,
I’m sorry to here that your having to go through all of this uncertanty once more. I hope all goes well with your test results.
Thinking of you,

With Best Wishes,

Isabelle xxx

Thanks for your words of comfort, you are all right, the waiting is the worst and I just want it all over, as I keep swinging between feeling really positive then really scared.

Thanks Val, I am glad you have good news.

Elaine, I do wish you all the best for your coming surgery.

Thanks again for taking the time to help and I will definitely let you know as soon as I have some news.

Deborah x

val,i have been thinkin of you everyday, really pleased your ok, hope you all get good news xxxx

Hi again

Well I now have my appointment, its on the 16th in the afternoon, so not too long to wait.

Will keep you all posted as soon as I know anything.

Thanks again

Love Deborah xxxx

Hi all again

Well I have been to the hospital and the mammogram was fine, just lumpy breast tissue so that’s fine, and I am so relieved.

However, last night I found a lump in my left armpit, the side I had cancer, so that was a bit of a shock!

They did an ultrasound and it didn’t show anything suspicious, and the consultant did a fine needle aspiration and now I am waiting another 2 weeks for the result of this. He did reassure me that he thought it was fine, and this is just to make sure, and I am reassured.

Will be nice when I get the definitive result, but I am not too worried now.

My appointment is on the 30th, so I will post again when I have been.

Thanks again to all for your support.

Love Deborahxxx

I hope you get good news today.

Gill x

Hello Everyone,

I’ve dipped in and out of the forum since I was diagnosed last June (grade 3, 2cm 4/12 node involvement) aged 34. I had a lumpectomy with full node clearance, followed by right breast MX, 8 x FEC & 15 rads. I fully completed my treatment Feb 2010 and have been trying to rebuild my life since then, most recently looking forward to my reconstruction.

Last week I found 2 small lumps the size of a grain of rice quite near to my right shoulder under my collarbone (surgery side) this morning I’ve had what can only be described as a strong sense of deja vu. I had my initial consultation in the same room as I did last year (tears ensued) and then was referred for an ultrasound (sat in the same waiting area, more tears) and then had the earth shattering news following the ultrasound that the lumps and in my armpit have shown areas of concern. I’ve had a core biopsy and have been told I should be able to go back Friday for my results.

Just as I begin to think my life is getting back on track, I’m thrown into this emotional whirlpool all over again, I feel like I’m being punished as I wanted to move on and now it appears the cancer has taken control again. I of course have no idea of what the results are going to show and what the future is going to hold, but I take some comfort in reading the inspiring stories on here.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Oh, Claire, poor you! As you say, you just want to move on with your life. I do so hope that it turns out to be nothing to worry about. Please let us know how you get on.

Good luck for Friday.

Ann xxx

Does anyone know how Deborahw got on on the 30th, by the way?

Thanks Ann, I’ll no doubt be back on here on a regular basis. I’m so glad we have an outlet to support and share experiences together. x