Worried I have ibc

Hello, I’m a 22 year old female and last night when I went to bed my right breast was a little sore and I’ve woke up this morning and its hurting like mad, I can’t even touch it! Where it’s hurting its gone all red and where it hurts on the areola its gone all wrinkly but the rest is fine if that makes sense? Obviously I’m going to ring my gp on Monday but now I’m just worrying so much, me being stupid went on Google and its coming up with inflammatory breast cancer! Last week I also had chest pains and not sure if its related or not, just feel like I need to talk to someone as I’m worrying so much now :( 

Hi Hayley,

All you need to do is get to your GP, who will then take it from there. Inflammatory changes are common & it’s most likely not to be anything serious.  Of all the things it could be, ibc would be the Least likely. 

The problem with Dr Google, is searching about anything related to breast symptoms will always lead bc, when mostly it’s not. So apart from prompting us to get these things checked out, it really is no use apart from that. 

Chances are all’s well, see what your GP says. You might be referred to the breast clinic, but don’t read anything into it if that happens, as it is a routine referral. 

ann x