Worried lady

Hi all,i’m new to this site.

I’ve recently discovered my right boob is bigger than the left,its also pulling over to the right side,when i raise my arms above head,there’s vry slight dimpling on right boob,doc has referred me to breast clinic,its 8wks waiting time,i’m 4wks in2 that.

I’m 55yrs old and menopausal…Any advice welcome. Thanx

Hi ,welcome to the forum .8 weeks seems like an awful long time to wait -I’m not surprised you are finding it hard -has your GP referred you as urgent most people are seen within 2 weeks.

OMG. This is my third time to post the below long post.

Hi PauPau1963,

I currently live in Canada, to me, more than 2 weeks waiting for a breast clinic referral is not acceptable. I am stage 3A, grade 3 (the most aggressive grade) ER+/PR+/HER+ with 7/28 lymph nodes affected. I am not trying to scare you and I don’t have the knowlege to say the small dimplings that you found is anything bad. But to share, in 3 weeks for the total time in waiting for the ultrasound/biopsy and the results, my family doctor (think similar to GP in UK) including me  myself could also feel 5 small bumps gradually developed (from 0) under armpit alongside my right breast which my family doctor explaint to me the bumps  were mostly the affected (swollen) lymph nodes.

I really hope you can push for an urgent referral and have the necessary tests/appointment in a timely manner.