Worried!! On Arimidex and may not be post men.

Am scared witless at the mo. Went to my onc, she’s has taken me off my Zoladex implants as Ive been on them 2 years, but left me on arimidex and they don’t know if I am post menopausal. Arimidex says its only for post menopausal ladies. Is it gonna still work? Started having period pains too which makes me think I’ll have a period. Been to the docs to talk to them and ended up in a wreck.
Sooooooooo scared that it’s being given a chance to come back. Been very emotional and sceptical over the care I have been given at the hospital as I have had bad experiences with my treatment and I lost a very dear friend recently too. Really don’t trust them and feel I have nowhere to turn.

Hi essie

You shouldn’t be on Arimidex unless you’re definitely post-menopause, otherwise you run the risk of the Arimidex causing your ovaries to start working overtime to produce MORE oestrogen in response to the reduction that will be caused by the drug.

My onc told me that after the two years on Zoladex I then have to have two blood tests several months apart which both confirm I’m post-menopausal before I can switch to an aromatase inhibitor.

Sarah x


I’ve been on zoladex and arimidex for almost 3 yrs now. They have said they will keep me on this combo for as long as it appears to be working and that if they do a blood test while I’m having zoladex, it will give a false reading. I assume this will be why they do some a few months apart to let it get out of the system. I do have bone mets so it could be slightly different for me.

Hi, they took a blood test when I was at the onc and was told to carry on with the Arimidex. I see the onc on the 20 July and they will take more blood tests. But I am gonna be taking the Arimidex in the mean time. This is what alarms me. I should have had my injection today and now got to wait till July to see what they do. Worried that it will start all over again and Mr C will rear his ugly head. I have got an injection at home and they said if I have a period to go and have it done, but what if I don’t but I’m not menopausal.

Please don’t be worried. The only reason you have to be post-menopausal for arimidex to work is that it only blocks oestrogen being produced in the rest of the body, not the ovaries. If the ovaries were still working they would still be producing oestrogen so it would not be effective. If your blood tests show that you are not post-menopausal they will put you back on the zoladex. Even if that is the case, a few weeks off the zoladex is unlikely to make any difference.

I am on both at the minute and will stop the zoladex after two years to see if periods have stopped. In my opinion, it is better to do this rather than keep taking the zoladex when you may not need it.

Good luck, V