worried....should I ring & ask more questions ?

I had a routine mammogram 2 weeks ago. Recalled last Thursday 30/6/13. Did a diagnostic mammogram which showed 5cm area of calcifications. Also had an ultrasound. The consultant said the area was suspicious & I needed a biopsy. This was done straight away & I get the results on 10th June.

I feel I should have asked more. I saw a breast care nurse who explained a bit more, but to be honest I couldnt think of anything to ask. I was in shock at the speed of it all. I had assumed it would be repeated & they would say all was ok & send me away.

Is there anything else I can ring & ask? ( the nurse said to ring if I had any questions). e.g shape/ layout of calcifications. or, do they grade the findings in any way that I can ask about.
I just want to know more, but dont know what I should be asking really.

It worries me that I received the appointment in the post last wed, had to go the following day & that the biopsy was done the same day. I know its good that I didnt haver to wait, but its just so quick that I am more worried.

I feel that I need to ask something else, so if anyone knows anything that I could ask, please let me know.

Thanks for reading xxx

HI Cath until the results of the biopsy are determined there may be little that the hospital staff can tell you at this stage. That was my experience anyway back in March. I know that the waiting for results is the worst place to be and I sincerely hope that you receive good news when you go back on 10th June. Until then take care, try and keep busy and please do not hesitate to come back to this forum should you need any further support. Xx

Hi Cath
I went to the rapid diagnostic clinic after finding a lump, the leaflet that they sent me with the appt said I would have the results the same day. First went in for examination with Oncologist then to Mammogram, then ultra sound and biopsy, it was at this stage I was told that the leaflet was incorrect & results take a week. I was then sent back to the waiting room to go and see the consultant again, I didn’t think anything of it and was expecting him to just confirm what they had done and that the results would be back in a week but I walked in to a room with BC nurse also present and was told it was cancer. Obviously I was knocked for 6, he had used the words we think but I knew he wouldn’t have told me that unless he was pretty sure so I asked him how he knew without results, he said he knew by the look (mammogram & ultrasound) and the feel. On that basis i think you can feel fairly confident that you are very unlikely to get bad news. Hope this helps x

BCC website provides booklets that you can download for reliable general info but feel free to contact your BC nurse it’s what she’s there for for more info tailored to your needs hope this helps and good luckx

thank you both for taking the time to reply. I know they cant probably tell me anything else, but I just feel like I should be doing something.

I know how you are feeling . Same situation ,called back urgently for second mammogram,biopsy done at that visit.As other said probably no more concrete information available til results but I survived the wait with support of friends. Since had wide local excision with good results ,they can’t tell any grades or sizes til after surgery. I am lucky! as I only have to have radiotherapy,no chemo or drugs or further surgery .I hope you have good news on10th. I know it all seems very fast ,but it is better than endless waits believe you me. Please use the site for support it’s great

Cath -When most people get bad news they have trouble with it. Some people process it quickly, deal with it and move on but most of us have that “No not me” reaction and this doesn’t help them to absorb what’s being said. That is why it is a good thing to take a partner or friend with you when you see the consultant or BCN and if you can bear it, a pencil and pad for notes. For me, I don’t know what I would have done without my husband at my results appointment at dx- we were both in floods of tears but he helped me to reconstruct later what the consultant said. The other missing pieces of the puzzle I put back by ringing the BCN who was in at the interview. She had given me my BCC iinformation pack and had helpfully written in the diagnosis and contact details for her and the consultant. Looking back I think a lot of my problem was my ignorance, compounded by a painful biopsy and thinking all through that week that this was The End. So getting facts from the consultant about what is in fact a perfectly treatable condition was harder work because of what my mind was doing. I’m glad now that I sank so low - it helped me to get in touch with God about it and it also marked a low point which i can compare future low points with. Moral: don’t be shy of taking a friend and don’t be shy of ringing up the BCN and sounding daft.

I had to go through the usual tests you have mentioned above and the result I was told I had to have a mastectomy which was done very quickly and now its done and dusted I just conditioned my mind to prepare for my op and went in one day and had the op and went home the next I have been fine since and am now on a pill which I take each day So Cath try now to worry too much do as I did condition your mind say to yourself well I have to just take one day at a time and wait till next week to see the consultant for the results of the tests and in the meantime do other things to take your mind off it all the best for your next appointment and chin up it won’t be as bad as you think the mind works overtime when we have news like this lots of hugs and smiles to you

aw, you are all so lovely. My OH has offered to come with me & so has my best friend. I was going to go on my own as (if its bad news) I like to deal with bthings on my own first then tell others once I have assimilated the information.
Does thta sound strange? Its just how I deal with things thats all.
Oh well, I have a week to decide. Luckily, its going to be a beautiful week so Im going to get out & about with my daughter & grandchildren…that will keep me busy & make me smile :slight_smile:
I rang the BCN today, she couldnt tell me much more, but said the mass was 5.8 cm & that it was unlikely to be trauma from my implants as that would be seen in both breasts not just one & also my implants were not really old enough to cause calcifications.
Thanks to you all & I hope you are all doing well xx

Hi Cath
I went for My tests on my own so was alone When first told it was cancer, I’m so glad I was, when I came out I rang my friend who had tried so hard to come with me and met up with her after going shopping for new jeans lol. I was due to go away for the weekend with my husband and another couple the next day so made the decision not to tell my husband or My friends. I felt that it would ruin the break we had planned and I really didn’t want that so I told My husband that I wouldn’t know anything until results back in another week.
We had a great weekend and I did manage to forget some of the time. I told my husband on the Monday and have now told just a handful of friends & some family but still waiting for my results before I tell my lovely 81 year old Dad who I don’t think will cope very well, I was planning to tell him when I get my results hoping to give him positive news that they have removed it all and confirmed no spread but now 3 weeks after surgery and still not got results so getting difficult now.
I think I may be a control freak but have just never realised it so totally understand how you felt .


Finally got my results yesterday and pleased to say it was good news, lymph nodes clear, all cancer removed 24mm. Treatment is radiotherapy & 5 years Tomoxifen. Now feel its fair to say I HAD a cancerous lump that has now been removed rather than “I have breast cancer” is that a fair statement???
My message to everyone waiting for results is to try really hard to stay positive aim for the best outcome and decide to deal with anything else as it comes along.
I felt that I had been told I had a condition that can be so successfully treated these days definitely not a death sentence any more and that’s how it’s turned out, I have as much chance of getting it again as millions of other people who are healthy.
I will definitely be spending time on here for support through the treatment to come and hopefully help others who are just starting their journey, its helped me so much over the last 6 weeks.
Love & luck to you all
Steph xx

Oh and Dad seemed to take it really well, said he had been a bit suspicious but accepted the positive news that cancer all gone and just some follow up treatment, phew! Xx

Well girls, I got my results on Monday & its bad news. I have DCIS & will need a mastectomy. I see the surgeons tomorrow. I have already posted in the newly diagnosed forum.
Good luck to all those still waiting & hugs to you all xx