Worried sick newbie

I’ve had the surgery but they got 7 positive nodes and no clear margins so I go in today for results of ct scan to see if it’s spread. I’m so nervous and still worried sick. Trying to stay positive bit it’s hard

Bless you @epic1. Yes, it is hard, and my heart goes out to you in this horrid, horrid waiting. I think nobody can know what it’s like unless you have been there, and “trying” to stay calm can seem futile.

Later on today, you will know the situation, and your team will have a plan for the next step, whatever that looks like. Hopefully, having some knowledge and a plan may be better than this awful waiting time.

Be VERY gentle on yourself, and I hope you’re surrounded by support. On a practical note, we used to record meetings on our phone (with the team’s permission) and then use software to get a transcript of what was said. It has been so helpful to be able to refer back to.

Sending you a gentle but heartfelt hug xx

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All the best, you’ve got this. :heart::heart:
It is hard to stay positive, be gentle with yourself

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I hope your scan goes ok today @epic1

Please know that the forum is here for you, however you are feeling. Our breast care nurses are here for any clinical worries or queries you may have, on the Ask our Nurses your questions board on this forum or over the phone 0808 800 6000.

Sending our warmest,

CT scan was clear . I am so happy (weirdly) I have to have chemo but I can take that vs what it could of been. Back to surgery on Tuesday for clearer margins and chemo on approx 8 weeks

That is brilliant news. And breathe. I’m so happy for you, and yes, the path ahead is clearer and seems manageable in comparison to what could have been. I hope the surgery goes well and you get clear margins :kissing_heart: