Worried sick

Hi there,

I found a lump in my breast over a week and a half ago and am worried sick. I went to the doctor straight away who referred me to the breast clinic. My appointment was for tomorrow but has now been cancelled as the consultant was ill. I asked how long I would have to wait for another appt and they couldn’t confirm anything just said they would send it out in writing. I am at my wits end. Its been hanging over me for over a week and now it seems it going to carry on hanging over me indefinately.

As for the lump is hasn’t changed in size, its still a small round movable pea. But its reassuring reading some other stories that I am not alone with my anxiety. Not sleeping, I have put my life on hold until this is over.

God bless to you all

Hi Claireabella,

It won’t be much consolation to you at the moment but most of the ladies on here will tell you the waiting and not knowing is the hardest thing. We all go through it, waiting for appointments, waiting for results, waiting for scan results etc.

Hopefully your clinic will put on extra appointments to make up for the lost ones and it won’t be too long a wait.

best of luck,

Jan xx

Hi claireabella

As well as the support you receive from the others users you may find it helpful to give the BCC helpline a call. Here you can talk to one of our trained members of staff who will be able to offer you support and information during this worrying time. The number to call is 0808
800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to friday 9 to 5 and Saturday 9 to 2. We also have a booklet on referral to a breast clinic which you may find useful to read. If you would like a copy just follow this link:-


I hope this helps.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Clairbella of course your at your wits end, one thing we all have encounted is this feeling, but just take each day at a time, dont even think ahead, only one day at a time, this will get you through!

Whatever your results we will be here for you, I promise, these ladies have got me through some really sh-- times, but we also celebrate maany good times too, so keep in touch, and keep us posted, remember the waiting is the worst, not the results, this you will cope with.

Take care, Teresa x

Thank you Ladies for all comforting words. I am so glad I have found this site, to know that you all know how I am feeling is a relief. My boyfriend wonderful and amazing as he is, doesn’t want to talk about it for fear that it might actually be for the worst. He insists I am far too young and not to worry. I wish it was so easy.

Will hopefully hear something soon about my appointment but have made an appointment with my GP to see if I can be referred elsewhere. Probably overkill I know but everything is on hold at the moment.

Feel like I am over reacting or at least thats what my GP will think.


Hi Clareabella, sorry you are having a difficult time. Just a suggestion - you could try phoning the number on your original appointment each day and asking if they have a cancellation. I did this twice a day (morning and afternoon)and managed to get my appointment moved forward by 2 weeks after a week of trying. You could also phone up and ask to be put through to a breast care nurse - they are the ones who are often your main point of contact during investigations, diagnosis etc, and while they may not be able to do anything practical to advance your appointment, (although who knows…) at least they might be able to indicate a timescale of when you can expect to be seen and offer you some reassurance / advice. The other thing is try not to worry unduly about a couple of weeks extra wait. My consultant told me that my outlook might be very different had I left my lump another year before being seen, but that just a few weeks will make no difference. Of course it is the mental anguish and not knowing that won’t go away. We have all been there and know how you feel. Hope you are seen soon, and do remember that the majority of lumps are not cancerous.
scottiedog x

Thank you Scottiedog,

I have been referred to a different hospital now for next Thursday as the consultant I was due to see today is off ill indefinately. I guess its just another week of waiting! I did see my doctor today and she reassured me it was just precautionary that she was sending me to the breast clinic. I feel like I am over reacting as so many of you brave ladies have had your diagnosis and are dealing with it tremendously well.

Do you know if I will have any idea on the day as to whether or not its a cyst or something more sinister. It was mentioned on the letter that I will need to make another appointment for a week later to get the results. Its so frustrating as I had worked myself up to having seen the consultant today :frowning:

Take care and god bless xx

All hospitals are different love. Usually they will be able to see if it is fluid-filled from the scam/mammogram. If it is they will usually drain it for you. If it is more solid they will probably do a Fine Needle Biopsy to see what it is.


Got my new appointment through yesterday which gave me some information as to what to expect when I go next Thursday. Its a ‘One Stop Breast Clinic’! They advised that I will get the results on the same day. Here’s keeping everything crossed. I am trying as hard as I can to distract myself and carry on as normal or as normal as possible but every so often it pops in to my head, what if?


Good luck for your appointment, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! I bet it’s a relief knowing it’s a one stop clinic, getting it all done in one go is alot easier than waiting, waiting and more waiting!
I’ve got my appointment on monday and I assume it is a one stop clinic, they say expect to be there from 2 to 4 hours anyway.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, good luck!

Cat xx

Good luck to you Cattycat! At least its only a couple of more days left to wait. Fingers crossed for you. Let us know how you get on. Best wishes xx

Well the time is getting closer and I have found I am not sleeping now. Its all running through my head when I close my eyes at night. To make things worse, a house me and my partner were about to put an offer on just before I found my lump and put everything on hold is now ‘under offer’!! It was another blow, my partner has been great and said it wasn’t meant to be. The main thing is to get Thursday over us and then concentrate on moving. I feel like I am letting him down and holding him back. I know it sounds crazy but I am having a bad day today. I keep imagining they are going tell me awful news on Thursday. I wasn’t so down beat last week before my original appointment.

Enough of my rant!


Hello there
just wanted to wish you well for thursday - hope you come out of that clinic a happy bunny, however, you know where we are if you need us xxxx monica

I had my appointment today. Consultant thinks from the scan its fibroadenoma. Surgery for removal is next Wednesday the 10th!! i am relieved. Thank you ladies for your support. Will let you know how it all goes


That’s great news and thanks for letting us know…:smiley: Hope all goes well with the removal next week…

Take care

Theresa x

Fantastic, good luck darling, fingers crossed for you, let us now the outcome…

Love Teresa xxx

Hello ladies,

As time is ticking on I can’t help but think, what if he was wrong. He couldn’t be sure without doing a full biopsy. Starting to panic again. I am being stupid and just go with the consultant, as he was 99.999% sure it wasn’t anything serious or should I worry?

Hiya, Hope you don’t mind my comment? (newbie!!) I am sure that everything will be fine keep us posted as to how you get on hun :slight_smile: I know it is easier said than done but please try not to worry
Deb xx