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Go for my pre op tomorrow got to have my whole left breast off and a lymph node clearance because biopsy under arm showed disease now my ribs are hurting on the right hand side which is the opposite side pulled musle in my back just after was diagnosed seemed to be getting better did hurt there and other day in my lower back like I said thought was getting better its really painful but not all the time I’m worried sick its spread I’m not the bravest of people I’ve just been reading on here but it don’t sound good or is it just me over reacting I am really anxious at minute but my bcn didn’t help was to ring me yesterday to confirm op nothing rang her at half 12 shed still not seen the doctor was I on my mobile she would ring me later today the people from the waiting list rang I’m in for a pre op tomorrow still not heard from my nurse I know they are busy but I was going out my head for nearly 2 days I had cervical cancer 7 years ago and my nurse was fantastic nothing was too much trouble sorry for wittering on X

Angelfish I’m so sorry to hear of your worries.

Most people do not have secondary cancer at diagnosis. Most people with BC never get secondary cancer. The nodes in the auxilla are like the bouncers of your body they are there to stop anything spreading anywhere else so you might have a run in with them by having positive nodes but they are there to make sure undesirables (cancer) doesn’t get in the club (body)… If you have positive nodes then your unit will probably order some other scans for you like a chest xray, bone scan, and abdo ultrasound. Try to take baby steps and deal with what you know to be true in the first instance that is y definitely have cancer in your breast and nodes and need surgery for that.

Do call your Bcn again and tell her of your new pains… Could be you over compensating or you pulled muscle we often hold ourselves differently when we are sore and after a few days using muscles we wouldn’t normally you can end up with an ache, very often if you have pain it seems so much worse until you can be reassured.

And if does come to your worst fears there are loads of ladies living with secondary cancer who will inspire you and offer you support. Having secondary cancer isn’t an immediate death sentence it’s managed as a chronic illness and most people learn to live with it like Val who has had bone mets for about 12 years!

Take care

Thank you Lulu for your reply mentioned my ribs to the doctor today at pre op he wasnt concerned and said muscles can take months to get better think im just over anxious and thats for preop dread to see me sunday night lol x

That’s reassuring that your doc isn’t concerned… Good luck for the op… It is a nerve wracking time but if your very anions they may be able to give you a sleeping tablet on Sunday to ease your nerves.


thank you again for your reply Lulu ive only just found it as im pretty rubbish navigating round this site lol my op went well the surgeon mr told me so i get my results on the 8th december the day after my birthday cant quite work out whether thats good or bad but i know this sites always here and the lovely ladies such as yourself xx

Angel are you awake?
Just to echo the BCNs are wonderful, with whatever queries you have. They will even just stay on the phone while you sob, unable to talk for 20 mins. One did with me.
Hope your not too worried now.

Lulu I love the bouncer analogy!

Good luck for your results angelfish. Glad the surgery went well and hope you manage to have a nice birthday despite everything xxx